A Driver’s Guide on How to Cancel AA Breakdown Cover

AA is a car insurance company that also offers breakdown cover and a route planning system. The AA operate within the UK and also offer insurance for home and travel as well as money services including loans, savings account, mortgages, travel cards, life insurance, credit cards and pet insurance. If you’re unhappy with your breakdown cover from AA you can follow the guide below to find out how to cancel the breakdown cover.

Cancel by phone call

If you would like to cancel your AA breakdown cover over the phone (which is the fastest way to cancel) you can do so by calling 0343 316 4444. You can call the number to speak to member of the AA staff, once on the phone you will be able to inform the member of the AA team that you would like to cancel your breakdown cover.  If it has been less than 14 days since you took out your AA breakdown cover you will be able to get a full refund. If it is after 14 days since you took our the breakdown cover, you will not receive a refund unless the person who is registered for the breakdown cover has passed away or can no longer drive due to illess or injury. You will still be able to cancel your cover if it is passed the 14 days you will just not receive a refund for any recent payments made for the cover. You will need to prove any reasons for cancelling before you receive a refund.

Cancel via email

If you would prefer to cancel your AA breakdown cover via email you can do so by writing an email that includes information about your account and your car. You will then also need to write that you would like to cancel your breakdown cover, including any reasons for this. You should provide the appropriate evidence for the reason you’re cancelling if this is because of a death or due to you no longer being able to drive because of injury or illness. Once you have written the email you will then need to send it to: customersupport@theaa.com.