A Guide on How to Cancel AA Membership in 2019

The AA, originally known as the Automobile Association, has been helping drivers in Britain since 1905. Today, they primarily provide insurance and breakdown cover for motorists. Their other products include home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, loans, and savings accounts. This guide covers the methods that you can use to cancel AA membership of breakdown cover. Follow the steps to cancel AA membership.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call the AA on 0343 316 4444 to cancel your breakdown cover. From the options that are given,  press 2 for renewals or membership enquiries. You will then have to enter your 16-digit membership number. It should begin with 6356 and can be found on your AA membership card. If you do not have it, then press the hash key (#). It will provide more options, and you can press 4 if you are thinking of leaving the AA.

2) When you connect to an adviser at the AA, you should tell them that you want to cancel your breakdown cover and go elsewhere. If you are not happy with the price, then you might be able to haggle with the AA to get cheaper cover instead of cancelling. Or if you are set on cancelling, then be firm and tell them that you do not wish to continue with your membership and that you will be cancelling future payments for it.

3) You can cancel for a full refund within 14 days of commencing AA membership. However, they might deduct a cancellation fee from the refund amount. If you have the annual or 2-year cover, then you can cancel this at any time, but you will not receive a refund except in the case of death or inability to drive because of an illness or injury. If you pay monthly or quarterly for continuous cover then you must give notice of 30 days when you want to terminate your AA membership. This will take effect from the next payment date when they will cease to charge you. The AA will not issue a refund for previous payments.

Cancel Online

To view the terms and conditions of your AA membership before you cancel, you should log in to your AA account online. You can view your payments and check your renewal dates. If your renewal date is coming up, then it might be better for you to wait and cancel at renewal so that you can avoid cancellation charges.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to amend your AA policy online in your account. If you want to make changes, including cancellation, then you must contact the AA directly. You can still do this online if you would rather not make a phone call. Simply send an e-mail to the AA at customersupport@theaa.com.

Cancel by Post

If you would like to cancel AA membership by post, then you can write a letter to the AA. Include details such as your name, address, and reference numbers for your membership or policy. You should also have your contact information included so that the AA can confirm the cancellation with you if necessary and inform you of any cancellation fee that you will have to pay before they can terminate the contract. You can write if you are not happy with changes to your premium or the terms and conditions, and they will allow you to cancel within 15 days of receiving notice of such changes to receive a pro-rata refund for any unused cover. You can send a letter to the AA about cancelling your membership at the following address:

Member Relations
The Automobile Association
Lambert House
Stockport Road