A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Airbnb in 2019

The contact number for Airbnb is available directly from their website at no or lower cost


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If you need assistance with how to cancel your Airbnb then you’ll find everything you need on the page below.

Cancel By Telephone

To cancel your Airbnb trip by telephone you will need to do the following.

  1. Take details of your booking, the location, check in details etc
  2. Call the cancellation team on the number above
  3. You will need to enter your phone number that is associated with your Airbnb account
  4. Explain the reasons why you need to cancel your trip or move it to a different date

Cancel Online

Visit the Airbnb website to cancel the booking that you have previously made.To cancel your Airbnb trips online you will need to log into your account and choose the ‘Trips’ tap.

When you’re logged in, click on the specific trip you’d like to cancel. Simply scroll down to Cancel Reservation.

In terms of any money, if your reservation hasn’t been accepted by the host you can cancel your reservation quickly without being charged for said reservation or any Airbnb service fees.

If you cancel your Airbnb after the reservation has been accepted by the host, whether or not you get your money back depends on the cancellation policy that the specific host offers.

Hosts have a choice of three standardised cancellation policies, these are Flexible, Moderate and Strict.

Cancel on Twitter

Use the Airbnb Help page on Twitter to cancel your reservation. Log into Twitter with your account and Tweet to them that you’d like to cancel your trip.

Cancel on Facebook

You can get in touch with Airbnb by contacting them on their Facebook page, you can either write a post on their wall or send them a direct message.