A Guide to Alton Towers Cancellation in 2019

Alton Towers Resort is a theme park in England near Alton village. Merlin Entertainments Group operates the resort, which consists of the theme park, a water park, and a spa, mini golf, and hotel complex. Short breaks are available to spend a few days there. However, this guide is for Alton Towers cancellation of day tickets only. Follow the guide in order to cancel your Alton Towers tickets if you do not need the booking.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Contact Alton Towers by calling 0871 222 3330. Depending on the wait times, you will soon connect to the Alton Towers Resort switchboard. When you do so, then you can explain to the operator that you need to discuss the cancellation of a ticket booking. They will inform you what your options are for cancelling it.

2) When you book tickets for Alton Towers, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. These state that all bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means that even if you want to cancel your tickets and not use them, you will not be able to get your money back for them. However, they may be able to make amendments to the booking so that you can still use the tickets rather than lose all of the money.

3) Depending on the circumstances which prevent you from using your tickets on the original date which you booked for, Alton Towers might agree to change your booking to another date to enable you to use the tickets. This is your best option, as straightforward cancellation means loss of the booking and the money.

Cancel Online

The same terms and conditions apply if you try to cancel your Alton Towers tickets online. You can contact Alton Towers by submitting an online contact form on the website. Select the reason “Change or discuss a day visit booking” from the drop-down menu, then fill out the resulting form with the relevant details. It could take 7-10 working days for Alton Towers to respond to these forms, so only use this if you have time before your scheduled visit date. Otherwise, you won’t be able to amend the date before the tickets expire.

If you need to change a booking but you did not receive the print-at-home tickets by e-mail, then you can still look up your booking here. Find the order details and access the tickets. You can then use the booking information to contact Alton Towers and request any amendments, which are at their discretion to uphold.

Alton Towers can only re-validate tickets for another date within the same season. Some tickets are not eligible for re-validation, including special events and tickets redeemed through The Sun or The Times promotions. If the scheduled date has already passed and you did not use the tickets, Alton Towers won’t refund or re-validate them for you. For this reason, you should contact Alton Towers as soon as possible.

Cancel by Post

Writing a letter to Alton Towers with a request for amendment is only advisable if you have enough time between sending it and the scheduled visit date for them to receive, process, and reply to your letter. Even if you do have enough time, you should send the letter by a trackable method so that you can confirm they received it and when. Remember to include all of the booking details and your contact details in the letter. You can write to Alton Towers Resort about your ticket bookings at the theme park address shown below.

Alton Towers Resort
ST10 4DB

The registered head office for Alton Towers is as follows. This is the address to use to escalate complaints about ticket bookings. For example, if you have already contacted customer services and they did not help.

Alton Towers Resort Operations Limited (ATROL)
Link House
25 West Street
BH15 1LD