A Guide on How to Cancel an American Express Card in 2019

American Express, or Amex, is an American financial service company which operates around the world. These cards are popular because of the rewards that are available to loyal spenders. Whether you have lost it or simply don’t want to pay for it anymore, then follow this guide to cancel your American Express card.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Cancelling an American Express card will be faster if you call their customer service team on 1-800-528-2122. When you call this number, an automated answering service will ask you what you would like to do. Speak clearly and say “cancel my American Express card” or “report stolen card” if that is what happened.

2) Otherwise, when you hold the line instead, the answering service will give you several options. You can press 1 to report a lost or stolen card or press 5 for anything else. If you press 1, it will ask if you know the number of the lost card or not. If you press 5, it will give you another list of options to press a number for.

3) After pressing 5 initially, you can then press 5 again for other enquiries. You will then have to either say or enter the 15-digit number from the front of your American Express card. It will then connect you to one of the American Express advisers. Explain which card you would like to cancel, as there are a dozen types.

4) The adviser should go through the terms and conditions for cancellation of your card with you. If you only have one card and are cancelling your entire American Express account, this will affect your points balance and rewards. You can discuss transferring points or credit if you have another American Express card that you will be keeping open. Otherwise, you will lose any points you have collected with the card.

5) You can cancel within 14 days of opening an American Express card if you change your mind. You will still have to pay any outstanding balances on the card, including interest. If you want to get a refund for the annual fee, then you can request this within 30 days of the closing date on the statement showing the fee payment. If you are hoping for a better deal at renewal, you can ask to speak with the retentions team. However, it is not guaranteed that they can waive fees or offer you anything, and you may have to cancel.

6) If you pressed 1 originally to get assistance concerning a lost or stolen American Express card, you do not have to cancel your account completely. Just explain the situation to the American Express adviser so they can cancel the particular card and order a replacement for you. You have to activate it once you get it.

Cancel Online

If you are registered for online banking with American Express, simply go to the website and log into your online account. You will have to select your account type, then enter your User ID and password to sign in.

Once inside your online account, you can view statements, make payments, and update your details. When you click on the “Account Management” tab, you will be able to see all of the things that you can do there.

If you have lost your card or it was stolen, this is where you can order a replacement. It is also where you can activate a new card once you receive the replacement in the post after reporting the first one missing.

However, if you want to cancel the card completely because you will no longer be using it, you can’t quite do that by simply clicking on a link or button. You can view the terms and conditions for your American Express card type online to see what you have to do to cancel and how this will affect your account. Then either call to cancel over the phone as above, or click on the “Help” section in your online account to find the live chat option. You can instant-message with an American Express adviser to discuss cancellation.

Cancel by Post

Another way to cancel your American Express card is to notify American Express by post. If your card is missing, it is best to get in touch by phone or online as these methods are faster and it will minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions in the meantime. Otherwise, if you intend to cancel your card and you do not care about points or credit transfers, then you can write a letter to American Express. Include your name, account details, and contact details, and your statement of intent to cancel. American Express will contact you to discuss any outstanding payments that you owe them before closing the card. They will ask you to destroy the card and/or return it to them. If you close your entire account, you will no longer be able to log in online. You can send the letter to the American Express cancellations department at this address:

American Express
Department 871
1 John Street
East Sussex
BN88 1NH