A Simple Guide on How to Cancel Aqua Credit Card

Aqua is an online bank operating in the United Kingdom. Aqua provides financial services such as loans and credit cards to their customers online. You can apply for a card online as well as manage all of your finances online with Aqua bank. You can find out how to cancel Aqua credit cards by reading the helpful guide below.

Cancel Aqua Credit Card Via Phone Call

The easiest way you can cancel an Aqua credit card is to call the Aqua customer services team. You can get in touch with the Aqua by calling 0333 220 2691. Once on the phone to the customer services team, you need to inform the team that you wish to cancel your Aqua credit card. You will need to pay off any outstanding payments still on the card, the team member will inform you of how much this is. Once you have paid off your outstanding payments you will then be able to cancel your Aqua credit card and close your Aqua account. You can also call this number if you have any enquiries regarding closing your account or cancelling your credit card.

Cancel Aqua Credit Card Online

If you would prefer to cancel Aqua credit card online you can do so by first going to the Aqua website and logging into your account. Once logged into your account you will need to pay any outstanding payments on your credit card. After you have paid off the balance on your credit card you can then select the card you wish to cancel. Select the settings or menu option for the card and you should see a button that allows you to cancel your card. If you cannot find the button or if you can see the button but it will not allow you to cancel your card online you will need to use the other cancellation options mentioned on this guide. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will then be able to cancel your card and close your account if you would like.

Cancel Aqua Credit Card Via Post

This is the slowest option to cancel your Aqua credit card. You can also cancel your Aqua credit card by sending Aqua a letter. In the letter you will need to inform the Aqua team that you wish to cancel your credit card, you will need to include personal and account information as well as any relevant card information. You will then also need to clear your outstanding balance on the credit card before sending the letter. Once you have finished writing the letter including any relevant information you will need to send the letter to the head office at:

Aqua Customer Services
PO BOX 173
S98 1JW