A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Argos Card

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0345 640 2020

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Argos is a catalogue retailer in the United Kingdom. Argos was founded in 1972 and now has 29 million yearly customers. Argos offer a credit card to their customers that allows their customers to have longer to pay off the items you have purchase in-store. If you no longer wish to hold an Argos card account you can find out how to cancel your card below.

Cancel Argos Card via Phone Call

The easiest and fastest way you can cancel your Argos card is to call the Argos team. You can get in touch with the Argos card customer services department by dialling the number above. Once on the phone to a team member, you can inform them that you wish to cancel your Argos card and close your credit card account. You will be informed of any outstanding payments you need to complete before you can cancel your Argos card. Once you have completed these payments you will then be able to close your account and cancel your Argos card. You can also call this number if you have tried the below options and have not been able to complete the cancellation of your card but still wish to cancel your card.

Cancel Argos Card Online

You can easily cancel your Argos card online by going to the Argos website and selecting the Argos card log in option. You then need to enter your login ID and your surname to log into your account. Once you have logged in you can then view any outstanding payments. Make sure you pay off any of those outstanding payments before trying to cancel your card online. You can then select the settings menu to find the ‘cancel card’ button. Select the cancel card button and you will then need to follow on-screen instructions to finish cancelling your Argos card, you will need to provide some personal and account information to confirm that it is you who is canceling the card and that you definitely would like to cancel your card.

Cancel Argos Card via Post

This is the slowest way to cancel your Argos card. If you would prefer to write a letter to Argos regarding cancelling your card you can do so by following these steps. You need to start writing the letter by including your card, account and personal information, you then need to describe why you wish to cancel your card if there are any reasons and when you would like your card to be cancelled by. You then need to pay off any outstanding payments on your card before you send it to the head office at:

Argos Card Services
Argos Ltd,
489–499 Avebury Boulevard,
Central Milton Keynes,
MK9 2NW.