A Guide on How to Cancel an Argos Reservation in 2019

Argos catalogues and stores are British staples, but many customers are turning to online shopping to save time. Not only does the Argos Direct service allow shoppers to order online for home delivery, but it allows them to order online for collection in a store as well. If you don’t want to pay online, you can reserve your items so that the store holds them for you until you come to collect them and pay. However, you may need to cancel a reservation if you made a mistake or found the item somewhere else. Generally, you can simply just not show up to get it, as the store will return it to stock after 2 days. Otherwise, this guide will tell you what you can do to cancel an Argos reservation, whether you made it over the phone or using the website.

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Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Argos customer services on 0345 640 2020 if you want to cancel a reservation that you previously made. Say “no” when it asks if you are calling to place a new order.¬†Or you can wait and it will transfer you to an adviser as soon as one is available. You will need to provide the reference number that you received by e-mail or text. Once they cancel the reservation for you, they should send a cancellation confirmation.

2) Alternatively, you can find the phone number for the Argos store that you chose to collect a reservation from. You can call them directly to let them know that you no longer want the reservation. However, they may not be able to amend your reservation status for you instore. If they can, they will return it to stock.

Cancel Online

If you made the reservation online, then you should return to the Argos website and log into your account.

Go into your account and view the recent orders section in order to access your orders and reservations.

Here you can choose to extend or cancel. The Argos store will only reserve the item until closing time on the next working day once it is ready to collect. If the item is not immediately available, they will send an alert when it is ready, and then you will have a maximum of 2 days to collect it. You can choose to extend the reservation by an extra 2 days. Or you can cancel it and make another reservation instead if you need to. Or just cancel it full stop if you change your mind and no longer want or need the reserved item now.

Cancel by Post

Since the reservation window is so small, it doesn’t make much sense to try to cancel it by post. By the time you have written a letter and it has finished processing through the post, no doubt the collection deadline will have passed and Argos will have cancelled your reservation and returned the product to general stock for sale already because you did not show up to collect it and pay. However, if there was a problem with a reservation and you want to write to Argos about this, then you can do so at this address:

Argos Direct
Acton Gate
ST18 9AR