An Easy Guide on How to Cancel Audible in 2019

Did you get caught up in the audiobook trend, then realize that listening to books isn’t really your style? If so, you can always simply cancel your Audible membership with Amazon’s audiobook service at any time.

Cancel by Telephone

Audible customer support is available 24/7, like all customer support at Amazon. You can reach them in a variety of ways, but if you want to speak to somebody at Audible over a phone call, then follow this guide:

1. Dial 0800 496 2455 and press 2 to speak to an Audible team member about your account and cancelling your membership. You will need to provide your account details, such as your associated e-mail address.

If you are logged into your Audible account online, you can request a callback from Audible to your phone number instead, either immediately or in 5 minutes. It’s easier to dial the helpline if you’re not logged in.

2. Confirm that you want to completely terminate your Audible subscription. They will tell you if you have any benefits left to use up that you will lose if you cancel. If you decide to go ahead, they can let you know the date that you can no longer access Audible member services, at the end of your current billing period.

3. When you request to cancel, the Audible team member will suggest other options. You might prefer to switch to another membership plan if it is cheaper. Or you might decide to just pause your membership for a little while. Audible can put your subscription on hold for up to three months, once every twelve months.

Cancel Online

You can cancel your Audible subscription by logging into your account at Click on your name at the top right of the page, then click “Account Details” on the drop-down menu. This will take you to the membership details page. You will have the option to switch to another membership type, or to just cancel.

Click “Cancel membership,” and it will take you through to a page with reminders of the benefits you will lose by cancelling. If you have credits left, you should exchange them for audiobooks before you do cancel. You get to keep the audiobooks even after you end the membership. You can click to continue cancellation.

The next step is to let Audible know why you have decided to cancel your membership. Choose the “Other reason” option and type the reason in the box if nothing else on the list applies to you, then click to cancel.

If this is your first time cancelling Audible, they will try to keep you as a customer. You may get an offer of an extra free credit, which you can use to get a free audiobook. You can choose to accept this and keep your membership, or go ahead and press the “Cancel Anyway” button. It should finally cancel the subscription.

Remember: you can put your membership on hold so that you won’t be billed for up to 3 months instead of cancelling outright. However, you cannot do this online, so you need to contact Audible customer support.

Cancel by Post

Since Audible is a primarily online download service, communications with Audible customer support are primarily online as well. This is better for you as the customer, because getting help online is much faster. Instead of cancelling by post, if you would prefer to discuss cancellation in writing then you can do so via Live Chat or by sending an e-mail to If you really do want to cancel by post, send a letter to the address below. Bear in mind that this takes longer and your next billing period might start in the meantime, so you could be charged for the next month while you are waiting for cancellation.

Audible UK Ltd
26-28 Glasshouse Yard
1st Floor