A Guide on How to Cancel Aviva Insurance in 2019

Aviva is a British insurance company which as more than 30 million customers around the world. It is the largest insurer in the UK and the leading provider of life insurance and pensions. It also offers insurance for cars, homes, travel, and pets, among other financial products. If you are not happy with your insurance policy, then read this guide and it will tell you the steps you have to follow to cancel your Aviva insurance.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Aviva on 0345 030 7041 to cancel your Aviva insurance policy. The menu will give you the choice to press 1 for home insurance, press 2 for car, van, or breakdown cover, press 3 for travel insurance, or press 4 for motorbike insurance. You can also press 5 for any other Aviva insurance product. This includes health insurance, pet insurance, and life, pension, and investment policies. It will connect you to the right place.

2) Make sure that you have your policy number and other customer information ready. You will need this to confirm your identity and allow them to locate your account. Aviva will only discuss policies with the named holder and will only cancel them with the permission of all policyholders in the case of joint cover. They will tell you what your options are and what the charges will be if you are trying to cancel mid-term.

3) The cooling-off period may vary depending on which insurance policy you have. They will only refund your premiums if you cancel within this period without making a claim. You can still cancel at any time after this, but they will not refund your premiums. You cannot make a claim when you cancel the policy.

Cancel Online

To view your policy documents and check what your contract says about cancellation, you can sign into your MyAviva account. You cannot actually cancel the policy online, because you have to request this in writing or call on the phone and speak to Aviva in person. Log in to check the renewal date for the policy.

There will also be the option to start a live chat in the bottom right corner of the window. You can ask for advice about cancelling your Aviva insurance from an agent if you ask to speak to a human at Aviva instead of the chatbot. To send an e-mail regarding the cancellation of your insurance policy, you can submit an online form or send an e-mail directly to helpdesk@aviva.co.uk and wait for them to contact you about it.

Cancel by Post

There are various PO Box addresses based in Norwich for filtering correspondence relating to different insurance policies. You can find the specific address for your type of policy in your policy documents. If you cannot find it or you have already written and received no response, then you might want to write to the Aviva head office. They can forward your letter to the correct department to deal with it, but this will take longer, so you may end up paying more for further premiums in the meantime. It is better to only write to Aviva if you are escalating a complaint surrounding your policy. You can send such letters to:

Aviva plc
St Helens
1 Undershaft