A Guide on How to Cancel AXA Car Insurance in 2019

AXA is a French insurance company which operates internationally. In the UK, the AXA UK division offers most types of insurance. This includes home, travel, and health as well as car insurance. If you are an AXA UK customer and you want to cancel your car insurance policy, then read the information in this guide to help you cancel it. The steps below will tell you everything that you need to do to cancel AXA car insurance.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call AXA UK on 0330 024 1158 and you should get straight through to a person at AXA, with no annoying automated answering services. Explain that you want to cancel your car insurance policy and they will put you in touch with the correct department if they are unable to assist you directly. Have your AXA insurance policy number to hand, because you will need to provide this. You also need to provide the account details.

2) The AXA adviser can then discuss your car insurance policy with you to make sure that you understand the terms of cancellation. You can cancel within 14 days or decline renewal at the end of your contract to avoid paying a cancellation fee. If you cancel the contract mid-term then you will have to pay a £52.50 fee to AXA. However, there is still an administration fee of £25 if you cancel the car insurance within 14 days.

3) You will get a pro-rata refund for any premium that you have already paid when you cancel within 14 days. Refunds when cancelling mid-term depend on your payment method. You will not get any refund if you pay monthly, whereas you will get a pro-rata refund if you paid the annual premium upfront. If you have made a claim against your insurance policy then cancel it, you will not be entitled to a refund at all.

Cancel Online

Sign in to your AXA online account to manage your car insurance policy. You can make changes to your policy details without having to pay an administration fee. Changes will affect your premium, but you can preview the new costs before applying them. If you would rather cancel after checking this, then you can.

Make sure that you view your policy documents in your account and go over the cancellation conditions in advance. You agreed to these terms when you took out the insurance policy with AXA, so you can’t get out of paying the fees if you cancel mid-contract. If you are unable to cancel your policy through your account, then speak to an AXA agent through the webchat. You can also submit an e-mail form, but it will be slower.

Cancel by Post

If you do not mind waiting a longer time for a confirmation from AXA, then you can notify them that you want to cancel your car insurance by writing a letter. You will need to include your policy details and your name and address to confirm that you are the policyholder. It will cost more, but you should use a tracked service to post the letter. AXA will only cancel on the date that they process the request, not on the date it was sent or received necessarily. AXA will contact you to confirm your cancellation request and advise you of any payments you will owe to AXA or any refunds that AXA will owe to you after you cancel your policy.

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