A Simple Guide on How to Cancel Barclaycard

Barclays is a British bank operating all over the world providing different finance services. Barclays was founded in 1690 and it now has almost 80,000 employees and 27 million customers as of 2017. Barclaycard is Barclays credit card service, you can find out how to cancel your Barclaycard by reading the guide below.

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Cancel Barclaycard Via Phone Call

The fastest and easiest way to cancel your Barclaycard is to call the Barclaycard customer services team on 0844 381 0818. You will need to identify yourself and answer some security questions as well as provide some account information to allow the Barclaycard customer services team to identify your account. You then need to inform the Barclaycard customer service team member that you wish to cancel your Barclaycard, they will then ensure that all remaining outstanding payments have been paid. Once all the payments have been completed your Barclaycard will be cancelled.

Visit Your Local Branch To Cancel Barclaycard

Another easy way to cancel your Barclaycard is to go to your nearest Barclays bank. You can find your local branch by going to the Barclays website and selecting the Branch Finder icon. You can then enter your home address, town, city or your postcode. You will be shown a list of nearby bank locations as well as the locations on a map to allow to see where they are more clearly. Once you have found your local branch you can travel to the bank and speak to an advisor regarding closing your Barclaycard. They will inform you of outstanding costs and allow you to pay them on the day and then cancel your card.

Write a Letter To Cancel Barclaycard

If you would prefer to write a letter to Barclays to cancel your Barclaycard you can do so by first ensuring all of your outstanding payments have been paid in full. Once your account is free of outstanding payments you need to write the letter including personal and account information to allow Barclays to identify your account. You then need to explain why you would like to cancel your Barclaycard and when you would like the card to be cancelled. Include some personal contact information to allow Barclays to confirm the cancellation with you. You should receive a reply within 2 weeks via email, phone call or letter. You can send the letter to:

Barclays Head Office
1 Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5HP