A Guide on How to Cancel Barclays Debit Card in 2019

Barclays is a big British bank with international operations as well. Though they offer a credit card called a Barclaycard, their current accounts normally come with debit cards. There is less of a problem if you want to cancel a debit card because you are not breaking a contract. Here is how to cancel a Barclays debit card.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel your Barclays debit card, call Barclays on 0345 734 5345. Press 1 if you need to cancel your card because it is lost or stolen. Otherwise, enter your debit card number to proceed or press the star key to get more options. Enter your sort code, or press star again. Then you can say “cancel card” or “close account.”

2) If you have multiple Barclays cards and accounts, you can cancel one of them, or decide to close them all. Make sure that you have all the details for the right account before you ask Barclays to cancel it. You can recover your account without cancelling it if it is blocked, or by getting a replacement debit card if it’s missing. If you are definitely cancelling your card and closing the associated account, then tell Barclays.

3) You need to confirm all of your details to close a personal account and cancel a Barclays debit card. It is important to tell them if you do not want them to send the last 5 years worth of paper statements to you. They have to do this due to regulations, but obviously, that can be a lot of paper. Barclays may ask you to return and/or destroy the debit card and accompanying chequebook if you have one after they close it all.

Cancel Online

If you have Online Banking with Barclays, then you can log in to check your account and card details online. You can report lost or stolen cards to get a replacement card without having to phone Barclays. This also applies to the Mobile Banking app. However, you cannot actually cancel a debit card with them.

To cancel, you need to speak to Barclays either in person or in writing to confirm your request and identity as the card-holder. You can use the online branch locator if you would like to go into the bank to cancel it. Some branches offer instant debit card replacements if you just need to get a new card rather than cancel. Remember that you need to organize transfers for your balance before you get rid of the account and card.

Cancel by Post

It is easier to cancel quickly and directly by going into a branch or calling Barclays on the phone. However, you can cancel your debit card by post if you would prefer. Cancelling a debit card means cancelling your personal account which it is attached to. You must print out the account closure form and fill it in. You can write a letter to accompany it if you wish. Then cut up your debit card (and cheque book, if you have one) and include them in the envelope as well. Seal it properly and pay to send it back to Barclays with a secure postage method. You should specify how you want them to contact you if they need to discuss it with you.

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