A Guide on How to Cancel BT Mobile in 2019

BT Mobile is just one of the services which the British Telecommunications company offers to customers. Other services include home phone, broadband, and television. If you do not find the BT Mobile service to be satisfactory, then you may want to go to another provider. This guide explains how to cancel BT Mobile.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel BT Mobile over the phone, call BT customer services on 0800 800150. It will ask you to say in a few words why you are calling BT. You can say “cancel BT Mobile” or wait to enter the BT phone number for the account that you want to discuss. Alternatively, you can press 4 to talk about stopping your service.

2) When you connect to a BT adviser, provide your details so that they can locate your account. Then you can explain that you want to cancel BT Mobile. They can tell you what will happen if you do this by looking at your contract type. In general, you have to give 31 days’ notice if you decide to end your contract early.

3) If you are cancelling within 14 days due to changing your mind, or if BT is changing the service and you do not agree to the changes, then you can request to leave your contract without having to pay an early exit fee. Otherwise, if you cancel during the minimum term, you will have to pay an early termination fee. This is based on a percentage of the monthly cost, multiplied by the number of months remaining before your contract would have expired. This can be quite expensive if you cancel a 12, 18, or 24-month contract early.

4) BT will instruct you on whether or not you need to return equipment to them before they will cancel the contract. For instance, they may request the return of a handset or SIM card. You will usually have to pay for postage for this, though they may send you packaging for handsets. They will also tell you if cancelling BT Mobile affects discounts on any other BT services you may have. Remember that if you are changing to another mobile provider but you want to keep the same number, then you need to ask BT to provide a PAC.

Cancel Online

As a BT Mobile customer, you can log into your account with your BT ID and password. This is where you can view bills and make payments. You should look at your contract for the specific terms of cancellation.

The general terms and conditions for BT Mobile are also available to view online here. You can take a look at the early termination charges for BT Mobile and other services here. It is a good idea to do this before you cancel so that you can work out how much it will cost. It may be more affordable to stay with BT if it is closer to the end of your contract term. If you are sure about your decision to cancel BT Mobile, then you’ll need to contact them to give them your 31 days’ notice. You can do this online using their live chat feature.

You can also discuss conditions for returning equipment with an adviser before or after you give them notice. BT will only issue a refund if you are cancelling within the cooling-off period, which is 14 days from starting the contract. They may deduct the costs of installation and services provided during that time. If you do not return equipment within 14 days of cancelling, then BT will continue to charge you.

Another way to contact BT Mobile online to discuss cancelling your contract is to submit an e-mail form. They usually reply within 10 days when you contact them this way. It is not the fastest method, and they might need to contact you before they can verify the cancellation. However, it is still faster than the post.

Cancel by Post

If you would rather do things the old way and write a letter to cancel BT Mobile, then you can. You should send it by recorded delivery so that you can track when it arrives. Include your BT Mobile account details so that they can confirm your account and request. They should then be in touch with you to inform you of your final bill (including early termination fee) and request the return of any BT Mobile equipment. They should also provide a PAC for transferring your number if you asked for one. Send letters to this address:

BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT