A Full Guide on How to Cancel BT Sport in 2019

Have you decided to cancel your BT Sport subscription? You can find out how to cancel BT Sport as fast as possible by reading this guide. We have provided the steps you need to take to end a BT Sport subscription.

Cancel by Telephone

The easiest way to cancel your BT Sport subscription is to contact customer services and do the following:

1. Check your correspondence from BT or your BT Sport account to find your account number, or have your BT Broadband account number or phone number ready. The adviser will need this to access your account.

2. Call 0800 800150 and say that you want to cancel BT Sport. Alternatively, if you press 2, you can enter the phone number for your BT account, or hold and then press 4 for contract enquiries or to stop service.

3. When you have gotten through to an adviser at BT, explain that you want BT to end your subscription as you no longer wish to use or pay for it. They might suggest upgrades to improve your BT Sport experience, but unless you are willing to pay more, do not let BT convince you to keep the service against your wishes.

Things to Remember

Remember that there is a 30-day notice period for cancellations for any BT product, which includes the BT Sport service. They will only terminate the service 30 days after you notify them, and you will have to keep paying for it for those 30 days. There will also be a charge for leaving early before your minimum contract term has ended. However, there will be no cancellation fee if you are switching to another BT TV package. BT can change the services and the prices of BT Sport at any time, so if this happens and it disadvantages you, then you have the right to cancel your subscription mid-contract without having to pay for leaving.

Most BT Sport customers have the service as part of a package or an add-on with BT Broadband. There are other ways to access BT Sport through other providers. If you get BT Sport through TalkTalk or Sky, there might be different cancellation terms in their customer contracts. Call TalkTalk to talk about BT Sport as part of your service, or call Sky to discuss BT Sport as an addition to your Sky TV package. Their advisers will be able to tell you how to cancel your BT subscription, how long it will take, and if there will be any additional charges for cancelling this or extended services before it ends.

Cancel Online

To manage your account online, visit the main BT website at home.bt.com and hover over the BT Sport tab.

To the right, you can click on the link to log in to your BT Sport account. This will take you to the following page, where you can enter your BT ID and password to access your account. Your BT ID is usually just the associated e-mail address. You can also access your account through the BT Sport app for smart devices.

Once you are in the account management section, you will see any possible options for amending your BT Sport subscription. You can change your subscription to any of the BT Sport services, which may change the price. Subscription costs vary depending on whether it is standard, HD, Lite, or a Pack. Unfortunately, BT does not let you simply click to cancel your subscription in your online account. To cancel, you need to speak to an adviser. Luckily, if you just want to cancel without talking on the phone, you can speak to BT online using their live chat. You can also submit an online contact form requesting cancellation and wait for BT to get in touch. This is faster than writing a traditional letter and saves you the cost of postage, too.

Cancel by Post

If you would rather write a formal letter notifying BT of your intention to cancel the BT Sport subscription, effective in 30 days, then you can do so by posting it to the address below. This will take longer than other options, and you will also have to pay for tracked postage so that you have proof of BT receiving the letter. You need to include sufficient information to prove your identity as a BT customer, including your account number, name, address, and other contact details. They can also use these to follow up on the cancellation with you. You should say that you are writing to cancel BT Sport and explain why you should not receive an early leaving charge. Note down the start and end dates of your subscription contract, including free trials.

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