A Guide on How to Cancel David Lloyd Membership in 2019

David Lloyd is a British leisure company which operates health and sports clubs and gyms. They have been expanding throughout Europe and emphasize high-quality leisure facilities. David Lloyd clubs offer a few different types of membership. The fees depend on the contract duration, level of access, and the age of the customer. If you want to leave your David Lloyd contract, read this guide on David Lloyd cancellation.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Contact David Lloyd by calling the membership services helpline on 0345 125 2781. Press 1 for payments or contracts, and then press 3 to discuss your contract. It will then transfer you to a person at David Lloyd.

2) You must be the primary member of the contract to be able to cancel it. They will ask for your details to identify your customer account. You cannot cancel immediately, but you can give David Lloyd your notice of cancellation. If you have a flexible membership then the notice period is 1 month. However, for standard memberships, the notice period is 3 months, and you must fulfil the standard contract term of 12 months.

3) If you are not sure about cancelling, you can enquire about a suspension. David Lloyd can suspend your account for 2 to 9 months for a reduced monthly fee. Or if you definitely want to get out of your contract, then explain why you are leaving early. You may be able to cancel without notice if there has been a change in your personal circumstances that prevents you from attending the club or using the facilities properly.

Cancel Online

Log in to the Members Area of the David Lloyd Clubs website to view your account. You should be able to check the terms and conditions for your membership type and assess which restrictions will apply to you.

Select “General Enquiry” at the top in the Members Area to contact David Lloyd about your membership. You can also contact your club directly by e-mail to provide written notice of cancellation. Find the e-mail address by searching for your club here. It generally takes the format of clubname@davidlloyd.co.uk. You can also contact them this way if you want to suspend your membership or swap to a different type. Reach out again if you do not receive acknowledgement of your cancellation, because David Lloyd will only start your notice period from the date that they receive the request, which might not be on the date you sent it.

Cancel by Post

Due to the previous point, it would not be wise to send a letter to cancel your David Lloyd membership. If you do want to write a letter, then you should hand it in at the reception desk of your club. This also saves you from having to pay for postage. However, you should ask for a receipt as proof that you gave notice on that date. If you have a complaint to make regarding your David Lloyd contract, then raise it with the staff and management at your club. You can write to the David Lloyd head office address if you need to escalate:

David Lloyd Leisure Ltd
The Hangar
Mosquito Way
Hatfield Business Park
AL10 9AX