A Full Guide on How to Cancel DHL Pickup

DHL is a courier service that offers its services not only in the UK but internationally.  You can send packages through DHL via their online service and having the package collected from your home or workplace. If you have booked your DHL package collection but need to cancel if you can find out how to do so using the guide below.

Cancel via phone call

You just need to call the number and inform the DHL team member of some personal and collection details to help them identify your pickup order. They will then ask you if you would like to rearrange the pickup or if you would like to completely cancel the pickup order and request a refund. You can then choose which option you would like to do and the member of staff will complete this for you.

Cancel via online

If you would prefer to cancel online you need to go to the DHL website and select the contact centre in the top right of the screen. You can then select the quote enquiries option to send the DHL customer service team a message. You will need to enter your personal details called name, email address, company name if you’re sending parcels for your business, parcel details and then your collection details. You will then be able to add some additional information and inform the team to cancel your parcel pickup.