A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Diamond Car Insurance in 2020

The contact number for Diamond is available directly from their website at no or lower cost.

0333 220 2004

Diamond is a car insurance company in the UK under the Admiral Group of insurance brands. It offers car insurance specifically for women, as they are statistically safer drivers than men. However, men can also get car insurance with Diamond if they choose. If you are not happy with your Diamond insurance policy then follow the information in the guide below. It will instruct you how to cancel Diamond car insurance.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Diamond Insurance on the number above. Press 2 to discuss or change an existing policy. Then press 3 to discuss cancelling your policy. If you are not calling from the phone number in your policyholder details then it will ask you type in the phone number. Otherwise, it will ask you to type in the numerical digits of your policy number instead. If you do not know these you can wait and it will connect you to an operator.

2) Diamond will only discuss the policy with the primary policyholder. You may have to provide details such as your full name, address, and vehicle registration in order to confirm that this is you. The agent should explain what will happen if you choose to cancel your insurance at this point in your cover term.

3) You can cancel your insurance within 14 days of starting or renewing a policy and receive a full refund. However, they will deduct an administration fee, which is a minimum of £25. If you are cancelling after 14 days mid-policy, then they will charge a cancellation fee of at least £49.50. You will also have to pay for the period of cover. If you made a claim during this time, then you will have to pay the entire premium.

Cancel Online

Log into your Diamond Insurance account here before you contact them about your policy cancellation. It is important to read through your policy documents before you do anything to make sure you understand the terms and conditions and relevant charges. You should also check your policy end date in case it would be cheaper for you to wait until renewal to cancel and pay the lower fee instead of mid-term cancellation.

If you do want to go ahead and cancel Diamond car insurance online, then you can submit a contact form through the Diamond website or send an e-mail directly to them at customerservices@diamond.co.uk. If you do not hear back from Diamond about cancelling your policy or there is a problem with payments and charges, then you can try complaining on social media to get more immediate help. Diamond has a Twitter and a Facebook account which are both monitored by customer services who will respond during the week.

Cancel by Post

If you would rather cancel your Diamond car insurance in writing, then you can send a letter to their office. You should be aware that you cannot terminate your policy from a date in the past. Therefore you should specify the date that you want your cancellation to take effect from. They will use this to calculate your final payment to Diamond, plus cancellation charges or administration fees. Diamond will get in touch with you by post and might also call you to confirm the cancellation and notify you of how much you owe them. Send the Diamond car insurance cancellation letter by trackable post to the head office address at:

Diamond Insurance
Ty Admiral
David Street
CF10 2AA