A Guide on How to Cancel DisneyLife in 2019

DisneyLife is a streaming service for Disney content, like Netflix but for kids. Parents can provide family-friendly entertainment for their children for £4.99 a month. However, if you no longer want to pay for it, this is how you can cancel your DisneyLife subscription. Follow the steps in this guide to cancel DisneyLife.

Cancel by Telephone

If you would like to discuss cancelling your subscription with someone at DisneyLife, call Disney on 0800 640 6500. DisneyLife offers a 7-day free trial for new customers, but they won’t notify you when the trial ends and you begin a monthly billing cycle. This is why you need to cancel before the trial expires to avoid the charge for the next month. If you already have a monthly subscription, you must cancel before the next billing date for the same reason. They can tell you when your billing date is if you are not sure. You have to cancel at least 24 hours before this to prevent auto-renewal. All payments are non-refundable and they do not offer credit for partial months. If you are cancelling due to a complaint with the service, you can speak about it over the phone and try to get a refund. Please note that Disney can only cancel your subscription for you if you subscribed through DisneyLife. Otherwise, you must contact the third party you subscribed with directly to cancel the DisneyLife subscription, including Apple, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play.

Cancel Online

The most definite and fast way to cancel your DisneyLife subscription is to do it yourself online. Go to the DisneyLife website and click the door and arrow symbol where it says “Log In” to sign into your account.

Next, click on the character symbol in the top right corner to view the drop-down menu. You can see your messages and favourites and edit your profile or parental controls. Click on the cog symbol for “Settings.”

On your “Settings” page, you can choose to view your Account or your Registered Devices, or just log out.

Clicking on “Account” will take you to your membership overview page. It will tell you if your subscription is active and the date the next payment will be due. Click on the “Payment” tab to cancel it before this date.

Here you can see your payment card details. DisneyLife will bill this card for the subscription fee, but you can edit the details to switch to a different card. Click on the link at the bottom to cancel your subscription.

DisneyLife will try to persuade you not to leave by reminding you of all the services and benefits you’ll be missing out on. You can choose to stay or click on “I still want to cancel” to proceed with the cancellation.

Before you leave, DisneyLife will ask you to tell them why. They will take your feedback into consideration to improve DisneyLife. When you are done, click on “Confirm Cancellation” to cancel. The DisneyLife site highlights the buttons to stay and continue membership, so don’t fall for this and click them by mistake.

Finally, you will arrive at a cancellation confirmation page. It will remind you that you can still access and use DisneyLife services and benefits until the end of the current billing period. It will also tell you the date that your membership will expire on. After the expiry date you will no longer be able to access DisneyLife.

Please note that deleting your Disney account won’t cancel your DisneyLife subscription at the same time.

Cancel by Post

If for some reason you cannot cancel online, or you want to complain and campaign for a refund, you can write a letter to Disney’s UK head office. The letter needs to include your account details, including your name and e-mail address, so they can look into your DisneyLife account. You should also include a phone number so that they can contact you to discuss your account and any issues with it. Make sure to send the letter in plenty of time before the end of the billing period. This will mean that Disney can receive and look at it before you are due to pay for the next month. You will need to pay for a secure delivery method so that you can track when it arrives. Send correspondence for DisneyLife to the following UK head office address:

The Walt Disney Company Limited
3 Queen Caroline Street
W6 9PE