A Guide on How to Cancel an easyJet Flight in 2019

EasyJet, stylized as easyJet, is a low-cost British airline based at Luton airport in London and operating flights to more than 30 countries. If you want to cancel your easyJet flight, follow the steps in this guide.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Call the easyJet customer services team on 0330 365 5000 to discuss cancelling your flight. You will have to hold through some pre-recorded messages, and then press 1 to “change, cancel, or make a new booking.” If you continue to hold, an easyJet customer adviser will help you as soon as they are available.

2. You will need to provide your reference number and other booking details to discuss your reservation. When you call within 24 hours of booking the flight, you can get a refund minus a cancellation fee. This starts at £40 but can go up to the full cost of your booking, depending on the factors surrounding your cancellation. The closer to your departure date that you cancel, the less likely you are to get any refunds.

3. Bookings for any extras such as travel insurance, hotels, and car rentals will have separate cancellation policies. You will usually need to cancel directly with the provider. The easyJet adviser can tell you what to do about these. If you have travel insurance and want to cancel, you should contact the provider first since this could cover the cost of the cancelled flights. If you are cancelling due to the illness or death of a family member, easyJet might refund your flight at their discretion if you can provide documentary evidence of it.

Cancel Online

You can also make changes to your easyJet booking online by going to the website and logging in. Click on the “Manage Booking” tab and then on “Amend my flight” in the drop-down list. You also have the option to amend hotel & car bookings or easyJet holiday bookings. You can also click on “Sign In” at the top right.

This will launch the pop-up login window, where you need to enter your e-mail address and password. If you are not the person who made the booking, you will need to get the lead booker to manage it for you. In your account, you will be able to check in, change seats, book your luggage, and change passenger details.

You should also be able to amend your flight in your account. This could be more cost-effective for you if you change the flights to a more suitable date instead of cancelling altogether. However, changing flights costs from £17 to £52, plus the difference in fares, which is likely to be higher the later you leave it. If the additional fees cost more than booking new flights, you should contact easyJet to cancel the original ones. You must send an e-mail to cancellations@holiday.easyjet.com as soon as possible when you realize that you need to cancel. If it is less than 7 days before your departure or you still have an outstanding balance due, then you will have to phone the customer services team and speak to them directly about the request.

Cancel by Post

If you have plenty of time left before your flight for a letter to reach easyJet, you might want to write your cancellation request as a letter. You should include your name and all of the details of the booking, such as the reference number, flight number, dates and times, and other passenger details. You must include your e-mail address and phone number, as easyJet has to contact you back to discuss your cancellation. They’ll only cancel your booking after you have paid off any outstanding fees. You can include copies of evidence such as a death certificate or doctor’s note if you want to claim a refund because you are cancelling due to extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances. Send your letter to the easyJet headquarters at this address:

easyJet Airline Company Limited
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport