A Buyer’s Guide on How to Cancel eBay Orders

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Most online shoppers will have bought something from a seller on eBay, even if they have never actually bid in an eBay auction. Some shoppers use eBay to find rare or vintage items and compete to win them in an auction. However, sometimes you might quickly change your mind or have ordered an item or bid on it by mistake. In these cases, here is what you can do to cancel your eBay bid or cancel your eBay purchase.

Cancel by Telephone

1) The fastest way to cancel on eBay is to do it online through your account, since eBay is an e-commerce website. However, if you are experiencing problems and are unable to do this, call eBay on the number above.

2) The automated answering service will ask you to state your reason for calling eBay. You can say “How do I cancel a bid?” or “How do I cancel an order?” for help. Otherwise, you can wait and then press 3 for “Buying” help. You will have to state the postcode associated with your eBay account to verify who you are. Alternatively, keep waiting and it will then put you into the queue to speak to an “eBay teammate.”

3) Depending on how busy the phone lines are, you might have to keep holding the line for a while until an eBay adviser is available to assist you. When you get through to a person at eBay, you will have to provide some details so they can locate your account, your order, or the auction listing. They can try to intervene if there is a dispute with the seller over cancelling a bid or cancelling an order. However, this might require further investigation from eBay before they can do anything. They will also tell you what you need to do.

How to Cancel Bid on eBay Online

Rather than being available for immediate purchase, some sellers list their items for auction to see the highest price they can get. Customers will place bids on items they hope to buy until the auction ends. Whoever placed the highest bid most recently will have won. You can cancel your bid at any time until auctions end. Firstly, you can try to cancel your eBay bid by submitting this older form to retract a bid.

The drop-down menu of explanations gives you three reasons to choose from for retracting the bid. These are the only reasons that are valid for cancelling a bid on eBay. If you placed a drastically incorrect bid as a result of a typo or other accident, you can retract it. This would only count if, for example, you entered £80 instead of £8, rather than a difference of only a few pounds or even pence. If the seller changes the product description during the auction and it no longer matches what you want, you have the right to cancel a bid. Lastly, if you tried to contact the seller about the auction and they did not respond, then you can retract it.

Another way to cancel a bid on eBay is to follow this link to the most recent version of the form. You must be logged into your eBay account to select the bid you want to cancel when you press the button to “Get Started.” Then simply follow the steps through as it tells you what to do. You should remember that timing matters. You can retract all bids that you have made on an item if there are more than 12 hours left before the auction ends. If there are less than 12 hours, you can only retract the most recent bid, and only within 1 hour of placing the bid. Other than this, you will have to contact the seller directly to ask them to cancel a bid for you. They may not agree to cancel it if you don’t have a good reason, and you will be contractually obliged to go through with paying for the item. You would have to contact eBay to resolve disputes over it.

How to Cancel eBay Purchase Online

Once you have purchased an item, you can try to cancel it within an hour. You have to submit a request for cancellation to the seller, and they must approve it. If you have already paid for the item, they will refund you within 10 days for cancelled orders. If you don’t receive the refund, you will have to file a claim under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. First of all, to submit a cancellation request you need to sign in on eBay.

Hover over “My eBay” in the top right corner then select “Purchase History” from the drop-down menu that appears. This will take you to a page where you can view your most recent orders and the order status.

Here you should click on “More actions” under the order you want to cancel. The first option in the drop-down list should be to contact the seller. Your choices will depend on whether the seller has dispatched it.

On the next page after clicking “Contact seller” you should select “Request to cancel this order” then click on the “contact the seller” link which will appear below. This will take you to a message box where you can explain why you need to cancel the order and submit the request. The buyer will have 3 days to approve it.

However, if the buyer has already posted your item before receiving your cancellation request, they won’t be able to cancel the order for you. Instead, you will have to wait until you receive the item and then send it back. To arrange this, follow the same steps as above and choose “I need to return my item” then click the link below to “open a request” for a return. Alternatively, simply click on the big blue “Return this item” button next to the order back on your “Purchase History” page. This will launch the return request for you. Your seller has 8 calendar days to respond. If there is no fault with the item and you simply changed your mind, returns and refunds are at the seller’s discretion. It depends on the returns policy you agreed to at the time of purchase. If you are not happy with the seller’s response, you can contact eBay directly instead.