A Guide on How to Cancel Ebookers Hotel Bookings in 2019

Ebookers is an online travel agent company offering discount bookings for flights, hotels, and transport during travel. It was the first online travel agency in the UK and it is now part of Expedia. Customers can book package holidays or individual aspects. If you have an Ebookers hotel reservation and wish to cancel it, then follow the guide below. It will instruct you on the possible options for cancelling Ebookers hotels.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel your Ebookers hotel reservation on the phone, call  00 44 203 788 4832. Out of the options, press 1 for existing bookings. Then press 3 to cancel a booking. You will have to enter either the itinerary number of your booking or the phone number you provided when you made the reservation so that they can find it.

2) Even if you do not enter a number, it will proceed to give you further options. You can press 2 for hotel bookings. Once you connect to an agent at Ebookers, you can explain that you want to cancel the booking. Ebookers does not charge a cancellation fee for hotels, but this does not mean that the hotel itself won’t.

3) Whether you can get a refund or not depends on the type of booking. You will have booked either a non-refundable or refundable hotel. If it was refundable, then there will have been a final date for cancellation. After this date, the hotel may charge for at least one night of the booking up to the full cost. Your booking will include the terms of your reservation, like whether or not it is refundable and when to expect a refund.

Cancel Online

Most hotel bookings are cancellable through the Ebookers website. This applies if you have an Ebookers account and made the reservation online. Simply sign in to your account to manage your hotel bookings.

Select the hotel booking that you want to cancel from the “Upcoming” section. Click to “Manage Booking” and then “Cancel Room” out of the available options. It will give you instructions to cancel the hotel room. If the option to cancel is not there, then it must be either a non-refundable booking or the deadline for free cancellation has passed. In the latter case, you should contact Ebookers to check if something can be done.

Cancel by Post

Sending a letter to cancel an online or telephone-based booking is not the most effective. It is faster and more likely to save money as well as time if you cancel yourself online or contact Ebookers on the phone. Writing a letter to Ebookers is a last resort if you are having problems communicating about a cancellation through the website or over the telephone. You can write to the Expedia head office regarding Ebookers. If you do contact Ebookers by post, then you should use tracked mail and include relevant booking numbers.

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