A Guide on How to Cancel Your EE Contract in 2019

EE is the biggest mobile network in the UK. It has almost 30 million customers now, since forming from a merger between Orange and T-Mobile in 2010. EE became a division of BT in 2016 and is currently growing 4G operations throughout Europe. However, if you would rather use a different network, then you can end your EE contract. Read the steps in this guide and follow them if you want to cancel your contract with EE.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call EE on 0800 956 6000 to speak to an EE agent about cancelling your contract. Press 0 to transfer to a person at EE. You will need to provide your name, address, EE phone number, and EE account number for them to locate your contract. They can go through the terms with you before you confirm the cancellation.

2) If you are cancelling your EE contract within 14 days, you can get close to a full refund. They will charge you for any services you have used. If you have an EE phone, then you will need to return it within 30 days. They will send the packaging for you to use, but you will be responsible for paying for the return postage.

3) After the first 14 days, you must notify EE of your intent to cancel 30 days in advance. This notice period begins from the date that EE confirms your cancellation request. This applies even if your minimum term is ending. You will also be subject to an Early Termination Charge from EE for ending your contract early. They calculate this cancellation fee by working out the charges for the remainder of your term and deduct VAT and a 4% early payment discount from this total. The earlier in the contract you cancel, the more you will have left to pay. It may be more financially viable for you to wait for the contract to expire to cancel it.

Cancel Online

You can view the terms of your EE mobile contract by logging in to your My EE account on the EE website. When you view your bills and contract, you can see how long you have left and work out what the charges would be for early termination yourself. This will save you having to call to check. You only need to contact EE if you decide to go through with the cancellation. There is also the option to do this online if you prefer.

If you would like some advice or further guidance before you actually cancel, you can find the live chat on the website. Use the live chat for service queries if an adviser from EE is currently available to speak to you.

Otherwise, if you are sure that you want to cancel, you can notify EE in writing by e-mail. Follow this form to supply the relevant details in the correct format. Or you can fill it in and upload it as an attachment. You can send your EE cancellation e-mail to channel.returns@ee.co.uk. The cancellations team will reach out to confirm the returns process for any equipment, the Early Termination Charges, and when to expect the final bill from EE. Remember to request a PAC if you want to use your phone number on another network.

Cancel by Post

Since you need to give 30 days’ notice to cancel an EE contract after the first 14 days, you should remember that the notice period only begins when EE processes your request. This means that it starts from the date that they read your letter, and not the date that you posted it to them. Factor this in if you are estimating the cancellation charges that will apply to your contract. To send written notice of your intention to cancel your monthly plan, you can post a form to the address below. You should pay for a secure tracked method.

Channel Returns
Mercia House
Senhouse Road

Cancel In Store

If you took out your EE contract online or over the phone, then you should cancel in the same way. You can cancel either online or over the phone for either of the sign-up methods. However, if you set up a plan in a store, then you only have 14 days to cancel. You can only cancel if you are experiencing problems or if the coverage does not meet your expectations. Take your receipt and any devices and accessories to the closest EE store to return them for a refund. They should be in a resaleable condition. EE may make deductions to your refund to cover the cost of the network services for the days that you were making use of the contract. You can find the addresses and contact details for EE stores near you by entering your postcode to search.