A Guide on How to Cancel an Emirates Ticket in 2019

Emirates is an airline in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As the largest Middle Eastern airline, it operates thousands of flights each week to 80 countries. If you are booking a flight from the UK on Emirates but you need to cancel the Emirates ticket, then follow the guide below to cancel Emirates.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Emirates on 0344 800 2777 to cancel your flight ticket. Press 1 if you are a Skywards member and enter your 9-digit membership number. You can press star if you do not have a membership number or cannot remember it. When you reach the number menu, press 2 to change or cancel an existing booking.

2) Make sure that you have your booking reference number and the details of your flight to hand. You will need to provide these to the Emirates agent. They will inform you of the terms and conditions of your fare, which you should have read at the time of booking. These specify whether the fare you chose is refundable or not and what the cancellation and amendment fees are. It could be cheaper to change instead of cancel.

3) When you request to cancel, Emirates will confirm this for you and advise you of the applicable penalty that they will deduct from the refund amount. They will tell you how much your refund will be and when you can expect the money back on your payment card. The fees and deadlines vary according to the fare, so you must check the terms and conditions for your specific booking to work out these costs before you call.

Cancel Online

If you are not sure about the cancellation terms for your ticket, then you need to check your booking. You can do this by logging into the “Manage your booking” area of the Emirates website to retrieve the details.

If you would rather make changes to the Emirates ticket and pay the amendment fee than cancel and lose more money, then you can do this in your account. You can check the prices for changing times, dates, or cabin class before applying them and paying for them. Log in to retrieve your booking and change a flight.

You can request a refund by retrieving the booking and cancelling it if it is in advance of travel. If you are not able to retrieve your booking or the travel date is close or has already passed, then you will have to do it in a different way. Use their online form to request a refund for your Emirates ticket. Obviously, it only applies for tickets that are refundable, which they specify in the conditions of the fare when you book it.

You will need to provide your personal details, the booking details, the type of refund you are asking for, and where and how you paid for the ticket. By submitting the form, you are confirming that you want to cancel this booking and agreeing to all deductions and losses that result from cancelling it according to the fare conditions that you agreed to when booking. If you want to check how much the refund would be first, then call Emirates instead. They do not have a public e-mail address for their customer services in the UK.

Cancel by Post

If you wish to cancel in writing, then you can send a letter to the Emirates ticket office using the address below. Send it using a recorded postal service so that you can track it. Include all the details of the booking, your cancellation request, and your agreement to the fare conditions. They should get back in touch with you to confirm the cancellation details. Only try to do it this way if you have enough time before the flight or if you are not able to contact them in another way. It is likely to take much longer to process the request.

Emirates Ticket Office
First Floor
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