A Guide on How to Cancel E.ON in 2019

Tired of your E.ON energy tariff? If you aren’t happy with what you’re paying for gas and electricity, then cancel your E.ON contract. The following guide will instruct you on cancelling your tariff and leaving E.ON.

Cancel by Telephone

1. The most direct way to ensure that E.ON cancels your contract is to phone them on 0345 052 0000 There will be an automated message giving you numbered options to choose from. If you want to cancel because you are moving home, you can press 4. Otherwise, press 3 to discuss your Direct Debit or press 5 if you use a key or card to top up your meter. You can explain that you want to leave when you discuss your account.

2. If you are not fully committed to cancelling E.ON, they might tempt you to stay with them. Switching to another E.ON tariff doesn’t incur an exit fee, and they might be able to offer you something cheaper. When you are already set on leaving, explain firmly that you want to end your agreement with E.ON and why. The E.ON adviser can talk through your tariff and account details with you to ensure that you understand it all.

3. Some E.ON tariffs have no exit fee, such as Pay As You Go and Prepayment tariffs. However, if you are on a fixed-term tariff, it is likely there will be an additional cost to leave early. Exit fees are clearly advertised for each tariff E.ON offers, and will be shown in your confirmation letter. Depending on your tariff, it could be £60, £80, or £150. It might be worth waiting until you are in the “free switching window” towards the end of your fixed contract before leaving E.ON. This will also give you more time to research better deals.

Cancel Online

If you want to cancel your E.ON contract, start by logging into your online account. You need to view your tariff and check the terms and conditions before you can cancel it. Go to the website at eonenergy.com and click on “Login” next to the search bar. This will transfer you to the log-in page where you need to sign in.

If you do not usually manage your bills online, you might not have an account yet. You can click to “create an account” and register with your details. Otherwise, if you have forgotten your login information, click “Help me to log in” and learn how to recover your password, reset your ID, or activate your E.ON account.

Once in your account, you can view your statements and tariff information. Check outstanding balances, as E.ON might not allow you to leave if your account is too far in arrears. You also need to be aware of exit fees for your specific tariff. Check how close you are to the end date if your tariff is fixed. According to rules by the industry regulator Ofgem, E.ON can’t charge you an exit fee if you switch to another provider within 49 calendar days before the contract end date. Use your customer information to write an e-mail and send it to email.queries@eonenergy.com. This should state the details of your tariff and that you wish to cancel this taking effect from a particular date. You should not need to contact E.ON yourself if you are switching.

Cancel by Post

In the same way as writing an e-mail, you can write a letter to notify E.ON that you want to cancel. This will take longer to process, and you will have to pay for postage. If you choose a signed-for option, then you’ll be able to track when E.ON receives it. Include your customer details and explain why you should be exempt from an exit fee if this applies. E.ON should contact you to confirm your cancellation and final bill. Again, you do not need to write to E.ON if you are switching providers. Contact the new provider and they will arrange things with E.ON on your behalf. However, you can still contact E.ON if you have a complaint.

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