A Fast Guide on How to Cancel Equifax in 2019

Equifax is one of the many services offering access to your credit report, but they get some of the worst reviews from customers. If you are tired of paying £7.95 a month to them, here is how to cancel Equifax.

Cancel by Telephone

Speaking to a person at Equifax is the most direct way to make sure that your subscription gets cancelled. It is also faster if they cancel it there and then and confirm it over the phone. Follow these steps to cancel:

1. Call Equifax customer support on 08000 850 650. This helpline is open from 8am to 8pm every day except Christmas. Press 3 for “other enquiries” when you reach the automated switchboard directory.

2. For security purposes, you will need to verify your details before Equifax can make any amendments to your account. Once you confirm your information, you can then instruct them to cancel your subscription.

3. Equifax will schedule your subscription to end once the current subscription month is over. You will be able to access the service until this date, and after that, you will no longer be charged the monthly £7.95.

4.  Before you confirm cancellation, make sure that you have checked your Equifax credit report. If they have any errors, you will need to open a dispute to get them fixed. Even if you don’t have a subscription, other agencies may use Equifax for credit checks, so any mistakes on their records can affect your ability to get a loan or mortgage. Equifax will usually update these within 28 days of contacting the data supplier.

Cancel Online

Cancelling online should be easy, in theory. Click this link and log in to your Member Centre on the Equifax website. In your account, click on the “Profile” tab and then select “Manage Billing.” You should be able to cancel your subscriptions in this area. Make sure that you save the changes so that the cancellation request goes through. You will receive a confirmation that you have cancelled. If you go into your order history, it will show the product as cancelled with the effective date. You will be able to use the service until this date.

According to Equifax, they do not have a direct e-mail address for their customer care team. The only way to submit a cancellation request is to use their Online Helpline, which requires an Ask  A Question account. Click here to either log into your account or create one and submit your enquiry about cancelling. Since it can take several days for a reply, make sure that you allow enough time before your next payment is due.

You can track your query in your account until you get an answer. Equifax will terminate your subscription on the following month’s billing date, without any further charges. If the date does not occur that month, such as the 31st, then it will end on the last day of the month. There are no partial refunds, but you can get a refund for the remainder if you decide to cancel a pre-paid annual subscription before the full year ends.

Cancel by Post

If you want to cancel in writing, you can try sending the request by e-mail to customer.care@equifax.com. Otherwise, you can cancel by post if you send a letter to their customer care PO Box. This will take longer, and you will have to pay the fee for recorded delivery. This way, you will know when Equifax collected the letter if they do not action your request in time before your next billing date. Clearly state that you intend to cancel your subscription, and whether you would like them to completely close your account. Include your name, address, and the relevant customer or order reference numbers, and sign and date the letter. You may want to send a letter as well as another contact method, just to be sure. This is the postal address:

Customer Care Team
PO Box 10036