A Guide on How to Cancel Geek Squad Insurance in 2019

Geek Squad partners with Carphone Warehouse and Team Knowhow to provide technical support and repairs for customer devices. Maybe you paid for a Geek Squad insurance plan for your phone but don’t need it anymore. If you want to cancel Geek Squad insurance, keep reading and follow this guide for help.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Contact Geek Squad on 0800 049 6190 to cancel your insurance policy or tech support plan. Press 1 to confirm that you have an existing Geek Squad product. Then press 2 if you purchased the product from Carphone Warehouse. Lastly, you can either press 2 to discuss your insurance policy, or press 4 to discuss leaving Geek Squad. Press 2 if you do not know your insurance policy number and need help finding it. If you already know your policy details, then press 4 so you can get straight to business and cancel the policy.

2. In order to cancel, you will of course need your policy number. You also must provide your own details to confirm your identity before Geek Squad can change anything on your account. This will normally include your full name, and the address, phone number, and e-mail address you used to sign up for the insurance plan. You’ll need to confirm the name of your bank which your Direct Debit payments come from, as well.

3. You can cancel your policy at any time, but your entitlement to a refund depends on when you cancel it. Most policies renew automatically every year. If you no longer want the cover, you can cancel it within 30 days for a full refund. Otherwise, Geek Squad will calculate a pro-rata refund for any months left on your plan which you will not be using. The subscriptions usually have a minimum contract length of 3 months, so you can’t cancel a new policy until after this. When you call, they will explain the terms and conditions.

Cancel Online

If you know all the relevant details, you can cancel your Geek Squad insurance online. Visit their website at geeksquad.co.uk and click on “My Account” in the right corner. If you contact Geek Squad by phone, they might give you a code to enter to allow them to access your computer remotely. Otherwise, you don’t need to use the “Remote Login” button. You can click on the “Geek Squad Insurance” link for more information about their insurance policies. Check the terms and conditions of your plan type before you try to cancel it.

The next step is to log in to your account using your e-mail address and password. You can click the reset or reminder links below if you have forgotten either of these details. You also have the option to register for an online account if you didn’t have one already. You will need to have registered your policy to be able to manage it online. Once logged into your account, you can check active policies and select to cancel them.

If you can’t log in or don’t want to bother, you can still cancel online by filling out this form. Firstly, you’ll need to enter your name, e-mail address, and phone number. You will also need to fill out your residential address and the name of your bank. Try to use the same details that you used for taking out the insurance policy, even if they have changed since then. This will help the Geek Squad to track down your account if you didn’t update those details with them. You also need to provide your date of birth and the insurance policy number. This will be on your policy certificate, or you can call Geek Squad as above for help with it.

Next, you should select the reason you are cancelling from the drop-down list. This includes reasons such as no longer using the policy or device, switching to alternative cover, being unhappy with the service, and the service being too expensive. There are two more boxes to provide any further information you think is necessary for your request. You could expand on your reason for cancelling the insurance policy in the box. Submit the form, and wait for Geek Squad to get in touch with you. They should contact you to confirm the cancellation and discuss any payments that you might still owe, or any refunds which they will owe to you.

Cancel by Post

If you would rather write your cancellation request as a traditional letter, you can do so. State clearly that you want to cancel the named insurance policy, and include all the details seen in the form above. This will ensure that they do not have to contact you for security reasons to confirm your identity before they cancel it. They will only need to contact you to confirm the cancellation. You can address this letter to Geek Squad, PO BOX 358, Southampton, SO30 2PJ. Otherwise, you can write to the head office of the parent company. The Geek Squad brand is a trading name for Carphone Warehouse, which is a part of Dixons Carphone. You can write to the company at the address below.

Dixons Carphone plc
1 Portal Way
North Acton
W3 6RS