A Guide on How to Cancel Giffgaff in 2019

Giffgaff is a contract-free mobile phone operator. It uses the O2 network, as the O2 owner Telefonica also owns Giffgaff. If you want to cancel your Giffgaff phone, SIM, or goodybag, this guide will show you how.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Giffgaff does not actually have a corporate call centre, but you can contact Telefonica through O2. If you press 4 for queries not relating to O2 accounts, they will direct you to Giffgaff support. Otherwise, just press 1 and wait to speak to a member of the O2 customer services team anyway.

2. Please be aware that they will not be able to transfer you directly to an agent at Giffgaff. However, they can tell you how to get in touch with someone at Giffgaff who can access your account and resolve your issue. You can use this number to escalate complaints about Telefonica’s operations with Giffgaff or O2.

Cancel Online

The best way to cancel anything from Giffgaff is to do it online. You will need to go to the Giffgaff website at giffgaff.com. Click on “My giffgaff” to the right on the navigation header. The drop-down menu will list the options for your account. You have to sign in first to access any of them, so click directly on “Log in.”

This will take you to the page below, where you must enter your mobile number or member name and the account password. You should have created an account when you placed your first order with Giffgaff. Tick “Remember me” if you are on your own private device to make it easier to get into your account next time.

The selling point for Giffgaff is that there are no fixed-term contracts for their SIM-only plans. To cancel a SIM-only plan, known as a goodybag, all you have to do is go to the “My Payments” page. In the “Recur your goodybag” section, you can choose to change or cancel it. Simply untick the box saying “Recur your selected goodybag” and then click “Save recurring settings” to confirm this choice. Back in My Giffgaff, the goodybag will no longer show. There will be a link inviting you to recur the cancelled goodybag again. You can also remove your card details in the payment details section to make sure there aren’t any more charges. If you have problems with this, or you want to cancel an order for a mobile phone or get a refund for an incorrect credit top-up, you have to contact a Giffgaff agent online. You can also make complaints.

Cancel by Post

When you cancel a goodybag online, you have until 7.30pm on the day your current one expires. If you want to notify Giffgaff of your decision to cancel it by post, you need to allow enough time for them to receive this and process it. Post is the better option if you want to close your Giffgaff account completely and request that they delete your personal data. Send your letters requesting cancellation of your SIM to the address below. Include your member name, phone number, and other contact details to prove your identity. If you want to keep your Giffgaff number, you need to request a code to transfer it to a different network. Please note that the following address is not the returns address for mobile phones and SIMs.

giffgaff Ltd
Hertz House
11 Vine Street