A Guide on How to Cancel Google Play

Google Play is a distribution service by Google. It is the official marketplace app for Android operating systems and a digital media download store. Some products are available for free and some products require payment to access them. Google Play subscriptions will renew automatically unless you pause or cancel them. If you want to cancel Google Play subscriptions then follow the directions in the guide below.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To speak to someone on the phone about cancelling Google Play, call Google onĀ 855-836-3987. If an adviser at Google is available, then they will be able to assist you in amending your Google Play account. You must be able to provide all of the details of your Google account so that they can look into it for you.

2) Otherwise, you can cancel Google Play yourself on your mobile device. Deleting apps on your phone does not cancel subscriptions. If you want to cancel Google Play subscriptions then you need to open the Google Play store app. Go to the “Subscriptions” section from the menu, select a subscription, and then follow the steps to cancel it. You can do this for all of the ongoing subscriptions you have if you no longer want them.

3) You will still have access to the subscription content until the end of the billing period that you already paid for, so do not delete apps until then. The subscription will then expire and you will have to restore or sign up again if you want to keep using it. You will only get a refund if you cancel within 7 days of the first billing cycle. If you purchase an app or make an in-app purchase, then you can cancel for a refund within 15 minutes of this by accessing your “Order History” in your Google Play account. You can also go online.

4) If you want to cancel Google Play completely on your phone, delete any related apps. You can uninstall apps from within the Google Play store. Sometimes system apps like Google Play itself come pre-installed on your device so that you can’t uninstall them. However, you can disable them in the “Settings” section.

Cancel Online

You can also manage and cancel Google Play purchases online. Visit the “Subscriptions” section of your Google Play account in your web browser. If you have more than one Google account, make sure that you log into the right one. You should be able to find the relevant subscriptions and select the option to cancel.

If you would like to request a refund, go to the “Order History” section of your account. It should display all your purchases. You can select a purchase, click on “More” and then “Request a refund” or “Report a Problem” and submit the form. You will receive an e-mail to your Google account informing you of their decision about whether or not to issue a refund. It could take from 15 minutes to 2 working days to arrive.

If you want to cancel Google Play on your computer, then simply sign out of your account and stop using it.

Cancel by Post

Google Play is a digital service and primarily online, so you would not be able to cancel anything by post. If you do want to write a letter to Google relating to cancellation of their services, such as a complaint, then you can do so by addressing it to their head office. The Google UK head office in London is at this address:

Google UK
Central St Giles
1-13 St Giles High Street