A Fast Guide on How to Cancel Graze in 2019

If you would like to know how to cancel your Graze subscription quickly follow the steps on this page.

Cancel Via Telephone

If you would like to cancel your Graze subscription quickly via phone call you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Write down your Graze account details.
  2. Call the Graze cancellation team on
  3. Inform them of you wanting to cancel your subscription with Graze.
  4. They may ask why you would like to leave (and you may be offered a special deal to keep you as a customer), you will then be asked to provide your account details.
  5. Once you have given them your account details they will cancel your Graze subscription for you.

Cancel Online

Step 1 – Go to the Graze website and login

First you need to go to the Graze website and log into your Graze account.

Step 2 – Select ‘manage subscription

Once you have logged in you need to select the drop down menu and select the manage subscription option.

Step 3 – Choose the correct box

On the subscription management page you will see all of your boxes, such as if you have two boxes one due monday and another thursday. Click on the ‘manage recurring order’ button for the box you want to cancel (if you want to cancel all of your boxes follow the next steps on each one of your boxes).

Step 4 – Cancel your order

Select the more options drop down menu and select ‘cancel this order’.

Make sure you receive the above pop up as it confirms your cancellation. Once you have done these steps your subscriptions will be cancelled.