A Guide on How to Cancel a Haven Holiday in 2019

Haven is the operator of 40 holiday parks for families. They offer accommodation or camping facilities, as well as entertainment and activities on each site. The range of accommodation is usually self-catering. At Haven, the company partners with the RNLI to save lives at sea, and sponsors Team GB for the Olympics.

Cancel by Telephone

1) If you change your mind about a Haven holiday booking, call 0330 100 6633. Press 3 to confirm that you already have a booking and wait. It will connect you to an agent at Haven. Tell them your holiday booking reference number and your name. You must be the lead booker to make an amendment to the reservation.

2) According to the dates and conditions of your booking, the agent should tell you what your options are. You may be able to make an amendment for a £20 administration fee rather than cancelling. If you cancel, then you will only get a refund if you booked with Haven Holiday Protection. This could be 0 to 100% of it.

3) Make sure that you discuss all available options before cancelling to avoid losing your payment. They might allow you to change the dates so that you can still attend. If you do have Haven Holiday Protection and want to cancel completely, they will tell you how much you will get as a refund and issue this to you.

Cancel Online

You can check the details of your holiday by logging into the My Account section of the Haven website. It is possible to see the dates and outstanding balance if you have not paid it off in full yet. This can help you to calculate how much of a refund you are likely to get if you cancel today and have Haven Holiday Protection.

If you want to ask about amendments and cancellations, you can use the live chat. You can speak to agents at Haven from 9am to 8.45pm, every day of the week. You must provide your name and e-mail address and then your booking information later. As always, you can only make changes to it if you are the lead booker.

You can also sort this out by sending an e-mail to enquiries@haven.com. Haven might request that you send them evidence to support your reason for cancelling. The refund amount will depend on this reason and the number of days left before your holiday. Without Haven Holiday Protection, the only way that you can get a refund is if you bought holiday cancellation cover and claim it from another insurance provider.

Cancel by Post

You can write a letter to Haven to cancel your holiday by post if you prefer. However, the cancellation will only apply from the date that Haven receives your request, not from the date that you sent it. This means that the delay in postage time could end up costing you money if it changes your eligibility for a refund. If you did not purchase Haven Holiday Protection, then this does not matter, because you will not receive a refund from them at all. Contact your insurance provider directly if you purchased holiday insurance from somewhere else. If you only want to change your holiday, it would be faster to phone, e-mail, or live chat.

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