A Guide on How to Cancel Your HSBC Direct Debit in 2019

Read this guide and follow the steps below if you want to cancel a Direct Debit with HSBC. Make sure that the recipient knows you are cancelling it, and that you will not incur any charges for breaking a contract.

Cancel by Telephone

1. When you call HSBC UK customer services on 0345 740 4404, you will need to enter your branch sort code or 16-digit card number in order to proceed. When you get through to a person, explain that you’re cancelling a Direct Debit. They can either help you directly or transfer you to the appropriate department.

2. You must pass the security checks before you can make any amendments to your account. Make sure you have all of the relevant information ready so you don’t have to go looking for it. This includes your account details and specifically the details of the Direct Debit you wish to cancel. The adviser will tell you if it is too late to cancel the payment for this month. They will confirm the cancellation if they’re able to do it for you.

3. You must contact HSBC before the close of business on the working day before the due date at the very latest to avoid the payment going out as scheduled. If you are told that the Direct Debit is cancelled but it is taken anyway due to their error, contact HSBC to get a refund. HSBC will not be responsible if the recipient charges you cancellation fees or non-payment penalties resulting from the termination of a Direct Debit.

Cancel Online

To manage your HSBC bank account online, you must be registered for Online Banking. Visit the HSBC UK website here and click the red buttons to log on, or the button to register if you need to do so first. You will need your HSBC sort code, account number, card number, and telephone banking security number for this.

When you register for Online Banking, you have to set up a Digital Secure Key on a compatible device. Or if you don’t have one, you can get a Physical Secure Key. You will need this to log in. When logging in to the Online Banking service, enter your username. Then you must provide your details to get through security.

After you successfully log in, your dashboard will look like the example below. Get started by selecting the bank account which the Direct Debit comes from in the list of accounts on the left so that you can look at it.

Next, click the “Manage” button in the section on the right, then “Direct Debits” on the drop-down menu.

This will take you to the list of Direct Debits for that particular account. You can see both active ones and those which were previously cancelled or expired. Click “Show details” under the Direct Debit to view it.

Here you will have the option to change the Direct Debit to another account, or to cancel it completely. Hit the “Cancel Direct Debit” bin button if you’re certain that you want to terminate these ongoing payments.

The next pop-up window will remind you that if it is close to the Direct Debit due date, the payment might still go out anyway. You should cancel the Direct Debit at least three working days in advance to avoid this.

After pressing the big red button to cancel your Direct Debit, it will take you to a “Future Payments” page. This will confirm that HSBC has deleted the recurring payment. However, the cancellation will not have been processed completely yet. Remember that you need to inform the recipient of the Direct Debit as well.

Remember to monitor your account over the next few days and around the due date the following month to make sure the payment is not taken. If HSBC fails to stop the payment, contact them to request a refund.

Cancel by Post

The fastest way to cancel a Direct Debit is by telephoning customer services or your local branch, or doing it yourself online. You can also visit your local branch in person if that is possible. Otherwise, you can write a letter to HSBC UK requesting cancellation of a Direct Debit. This is obviously a much slower method, and not the best for urgent cancellations. As long as you allow enough time before the next due date for HSBC to receive and process your written request, they should act on it. Include your own address, your branch address, account number, sort code, the recipient, the Direct Debit reference from your statements, the amount, and the due date of each payment. Send this by recorded delivery, as you do not want sensitive information like this to go missing. You can write to your local branch directly or mail it to this address:

Customer Care Team
PO Box 6125