A Guide on How to Cancel iCloud Storage

Users of Apple technology such as iPhones, iPads, or Macs can back up their data with Apple’s storage service, iCloud. The standard free iCloud allowance is 5GB. Once you use up the available storage, your documents will not upload and save to iCloud anymore, so you risk losing them. However, you can find other ways to back up your data for free, even if they are less convenient than iCloud on your devices. If you want to cancel iCloud storage payments, then follow the steps in this guide to downgrade it to free.

Cancel by Telephone

1) If you want to speak to a person at Apple about your iCloud subscription, then call¬†0800 048 0408. There is an automated answering service which will ask you to say what you need help with. Say “iCloud” or wait for the numbered options if you would prefer. Then you can press 1 for the technical support team at Apple.

2) When you get through to the Apple support team, explain that you want to cancel your iCloud services. They will talk you through how to do it or they may be able to downgrade your iCloud subscription for you if you are having difficulty doing it yourself. You can request a refund of your first payment within 15 days of starting a monthly subscription or within 45 days of starting an annual subscription to an iCloud plan.

3) You can discuss options for downgrading your iCloud storage plan if you just want to pay less but still want some storage. Otherwise, make sure that all of your data is backed up elsewhere before asking them to reduce your storage to the free level. You will have to store data in another way from then on. You will still be able to use the current plan for the rest of the billing period. Apple will cancel it instead of taking the next payment on the following due date. You will not get a refund unless it is within the periods above.

Cancel Online

The fastest way to amend your iCloud storage plan is to do it yourself on your chosen device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then go into the “Settings” area. Click on “iCloud” and then “Storage” to manage storage.¬† You will see the current plan that you are on and the options to upgrade or downgrade. You cannot actually cancel iCloud completely, you can only downgrade it to the basic free level. To do this, select “Free” then click “Buy” in the top right corner. You may have to enter your Apple ID login details to confirm changes.

If you want to cancel iCloud storage on your computer, then you can. On a Mac, click on the Apple menu and then “System Preferences” to access iCloud. Click “Manage” then “Change Storage Plan” and finally “Downgrade Options” to select the free plan instead. On a Windows computer, open iCloud for Windows. Click “Storage” then “Change Storage Plan” and “Downgrade Options” to do the same thing. Confirm the changes by verifying your Apple ID and click “Done” to finish. Wait for your current subscription to expire.

Cancel by Post

Since iCloud storage is not a physical thing and Apple is a technology company, they do not allow users to make requests by mail. Asking to cancel your iCloud storage by post would be very slow and unreliable. In comparison, you can do it quickly by yourself on your device or call Apple for assistance if you experience technical difficulties with your account. If you would prefer to discuss it in writing, then click here to send an e-mail to Apple or start a live chat. You will have to go through the support centre for contact options.