A Guide on How to Cancel an IKEA Order in 2019

IKEA is one of the most popular furniture retailers in the world. The Swedish company operates an online shop with home delivery as well as its giant warehouse stores. If you order online for UK home delivery or store collection, then you must act quickly if you change your mind. This is how to cancel an IKEA order.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel an IKEA order quickly, call IKEA online customer support on 020 3645 0000. The automated answering service will ask you if you have made a purchase. Say “yes” or press the 1 key to confirm this.

2) From the next selection of numbered options, press 1 again to amend your order. It will put you through to an IKEA advisor as soon as somebody is available to talk to you. Explain that you need to cancel an order.

3) You will need to tell them your order number, which you should find in the confirmation e-mail from IKEA or in your online account on the IKEA website. They will also need your name and the address for the delivery to locate your order. The advisor can then check on the status of the order to see if you can cancel.

4) They will confirm whether it is possible to cancel or if it is too late. IKEA dispatches orders from the warehouse 2 days before the delivery date, at which point you cannot cancel them. If you call before this, then the advisor should be able to cancel your order for you or amend it to remove only a part of the order.

5) The advisor may ask to check your payment details to ensure the refund is correct. They should refund you for the cancelled items and the delivery fee, if applicable. Ask them to send a confirmation e-mail with this information so that you have a record of it. You should receive the refund within the next several days.

Cancel Online

If you are unable to speak on the phone, you can still contact IKEA to cancel an order online. This feature should be available during the same opening hours of 7am to 8pm. Click here to select “Online Shopping” and then confirm that you want to contact IKEA regarding an online purchase that you’ve already made.

After this, it will give you several more options. Select “cancel your order” to do just that. At this stage, you can select “Change your order” if you just want to make an amendment, or “Product issues or returns” if you have already received your order but wish to cancel your contract within 14 days and return a product.

It will then tell you which options are available to you to contact IKEA. Click on the online chat to launch it. It will prompt you to enter your name and tell you how long you will have to wait. When you are ready and an IKEA advisor is ready for you as well, click on the “Start Chat” button to launch the instant messenger.


The IKEA agent will greet you and then you can explain what you want to do. As above, you must provide your order number. They may also ask for your name and delivery address to confirm your identity first.

As it says in the introductory message, you should never provide your payment details over the webchat.

Cancel by Post

Order processing can operate very quickly, so it is important to contact IKEA immediately if you decide to cancel an online order. You will need to catch them before the order gets dispatched, or you will not be able to cancel it. This means that sending a letter in the post with a cancellation notice is not going to work. The address below is available if you do want to write to IKEA customer services about your order cancellation.

IKEA Customer Support
Kingston Park