A Guide on How to Cancel Income Support in 2019

Income Support is one of the state benefits in the UK that the new benefit Universal Credit is replacing. The only people who can make new claims for Income Support are the ones who are receiving a severe disability premium. Current claimants of Income Support will hear from their Jobcentre when they are moving over to Universal Credit. If you are still claiming Income Support and you want to end the claim, then read the guide below. These steps will show you how to cancel Income Support if you do not need it.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call the DWP on 0800 169 0310 if you want to cancel an Income Support claim. Press 1 to continue after the first messages and then press 6 for claims that have already been made. You can then press 1 for any enquiries about your claim. If you need to cancel an appointment at the Jobcentre about your benefit, you can press 4 or simply mention it when you get through after pressing 1. You need to provide your National Insurance number and might have to give your address and date of birth to confirm you are the claimant.

2) You should then explain that you want to end your Income Support claim and why. If there has been a change in your circumstances, report this to them. You may still be entitled to claim the benefit, even if there is a reduction in your payments. If you do not want to receive the benefit at all, even if you are still entitled to claim it, you can tell them this and ask them to stop your payments from their next due date.

3) If you are not sure about what to do in order to close your claim, then discuss it over the phone to get quicker answers. They will tell you if you need to provide any documents as supporting evidence for a change in circumstances, or if you need to attend any appointments at the Jobcentre before you can end your claim. It is important to contact them, because if you miss an appointment then it can affect your final benefit payment. You may receive sanctions as well which can affect any other future benefit claims.

Cancel Online

Unless you have a Universal Credit account, there is no way to directly cancel your claim online. Income Support claimants can contact their Jobcentre about their claim in the same way as they would about any other benefit. You can use the local office search tool to find the contact details for your Jobcentre office.

Enter your postcode and it will tell you the address and phone number for your local Jobcentre. They will be able to help you out with cancelling Income Support if this is where you originally claimed the benefit.

There will also be the option to send an e-mail to the central Jobcentre team. You should not include confidential information about your claim or circumstances in such a message. If you want to e-mail directly, then do so at dwponline.helpdesk@dwp.gsi.gov.uk or contact-.dwp1@dwp.gsi.gov.uk. From March 2019, the DWP is removing GSI from their e-mail addresses. You will have to remove the “.gsi” when sending an e-mail to one of these addresses after this or it will not go through to be investigated.

Cancel by Post

If you use the locator tool above, then you can write a letter directly to the Jobcentre office where you made the Income Support claim in the first place. They should be able to process updates to your claim faster. Or you can send a letter in the post to the general DWP address, which is likely to take much longer to process and get through to the right place. However, if you simply want to end your claim without concerns about payments, then you can write a letter to the address below. Alternatively, you can go to the Jobcentre and discuss your claim or hand over a letter in person, which is both faster and saves having to pay for postage.

Income Support
Department for Work and Pensions
PO Box 50101