A Guide on How to Cancel a Jet2 Holiday in 2019

Jet2 is a budget flight operator which also offers package holidays. These include accommodation and transfers as well as flights. Their services are comparatively cheap because they are non-refundable. Whenever you need to cancel a Jet2 holiday booking, follow this guide on the Jet2 cancellation policy.

Cancel by Telephone

1) You can contact Jet2 by callingĀ 0333 300 0042. Press 3 to make changes to an existing booking, then press option 3 again to cancel a booking. It will connect you to a Jet2 adviser as soon as one is available.

2) They will need your booking reference number in order to access your booking. You will also need to provide details such as your name to prove that you are the lead booker. Only the lead booker can cancel.

3) Jet2 will cancel the booking on your instruction. They will charge a percentage of the total cost of the holiday booking as a cancellation fee. If you cancel more than 70 days before the departure date, you will only lose the deposit. After that, it graduates up to 100% of the cost if you request to cancel within 14 days.

4) It may be cheaper for you to amend a booking rather than cancel depending on your circumstances. You can ask about the amendment fees for changing the holiday before you decide to cancel. You can also query reclaiming taxes if you are unable to use a flight, or making an insurance claim for your holiday if you have travel insurance. You might have purchased travel insurance with Jet2 at the time of booking your holiday.

Cancel Online

You can make changes to Jet2 holiday bookings by logging in to the “Manage My Booking” section on the website. If you have only paid the deposit for your holiday so far, then you should be able to cancel online.

However, if you have been making payments towards your holiday, then you will need to contact Jet2 if you want to cancel. They will need to calculate the refund that you will be entitled to. This will depend on how much of the balance you have paid and how far in advance of the holiday you are cancelling. You can expect to lose at least the value of the deposit when you cancel a Jet2 holiday booking. If there is an agent available on the live chat, then you can click the “Chat to us” tab at the bottom left. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to the Pre-Travel Services team atĀ amendmybooking@Jet2holidays.com. Be sure to include the details of your party and the booking reference, as well as your reason for cancelling your Jet2 holiday.

Cancel by Post

If you would prefer to provide a cancellation request in writing, then you can send a letter to Jet2 as well. This is a slower method, and cancellation will only take effect when Jet2 receives it, so it could affect your cancellation fee and refund amount. You can write to ask them to call you to confirm the cancellation of a Jet2 holiday booking. The address for all correspondence for the Jet2 holidays department is this PO Box:

Customer Service
PO Box 284
LS11 1GE