A Guide on How to Cancel a Just Eat Order

Just Eat is the most popular website for ordering takeaway food in the UK. Customers can order from the participating restaurants in their local area for home delivery or collection. There are frequent discounts when you order from Just Eat. However, you might place an order incorrectly or change your mind about an order. The guide below will provide steps to show you how to cancel a Just Eat order in cases like this.

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Cancel by Telephone

0344 243 7777

1) In the first instance of needing to cancel Just Eat orders, you should always call the restaurant directly, because this will be faster. You can find the contact number in the order confirmation e-mail from Just Eat (see the bottom of the page). If you are unable to get through to them, then call Just Eat on this number.

2) When you contact Just Eat, the automatic answering service will tell you how busy the helpline is. You should then press 2 for the Just Eat customer support team and then press 6 to request cancellation of an order. It will tell you to enter the 9-digit order number then press the # key, or you can just press # if you do not want to type the number. It will then transfer you to the Just Eat support team or the phone queue.

3) When you speak to someone at Just Eat, give them the details about your order and why you need to cancel it. This includes the time and method of placing it, the name of the restaurant, and of course the order number. They will contact the restaurant on your behalf to see if it is possible to cancel the order.

4) Bear in mind when you call to cancel that this depends on whether the restaurant is already preparing your food or even if it is already with the delivery driver and on its way to you. They will not offer a refund if you decide that you do not want the food at that point. If it is not too late, the restaurant might agree to cancel your order and issue a refund if you already paid for it. This refund could take 3-5 days to process.

Cancel Online

If you do not want to call the restaurant or want to keep your phone line open in case they call you back, then you can also contact Just Eat online if you are having problems with cancelling an order. Go to Just Eat’s website and click to log into your account if you are not already signed in from when you ordered.

You can then start a live chat with a Just Eat customer support agent. Alternatively, on this help page, you can click the blue “Chat with us” button to launch an active live chat in the corner during opening hours.

You will need to provide all the order details and restaurant details. The same restrictions apply as above regarding whether you can cancel and get a refund or not. Contact Just Eat again if you do not get a refund.

Cancel by Post

As Just Eat is online and you are ordering a time-sensitive service involving non-reusable and perishable goods, postal communication is very impractical. The only reason you would need to discuss cancelling a Just Eat order by post is if you want to complain about the process. You can do so by writing a letter to the restaurant themselves, and if they do not respond, then write to Just Eat about them. You should find both addresses for the restaurant and Just Eat’s head office near the bottom of your order confirmation e-mail.