A Detailed Guide on How to Cancel Your KLM Flight

If you’d like to cancel a flight you have booked with KLM you can follow our guide below on the best ways to get it done quickly and most conveniently for you.

Cancel by Telephone

You can cancel your KLM flight easily by ringing the number below, here’s what you need to do.

  • Ensure you have your flight details handy because you will need to provide information on these.
  • Ring the number 020 7660 0293 and explain you would like to cancel your flight.
  • The operator will likely ask why and tell you whether or not you’re entitled to a refund.
  • They will then talk you through the process of getting your refund developed and completed.

Cancel online

You can also cancel your KLM flight online, by visiting the website and logging into your online account.

When you choose to cancel a flight online with KLM you will cancel all of the flights you currently have booked, so if you need to cancel just one when you have multiple booked, it might be best to call the number above.

To cancel online you simply need to fill out the forms online with the information they ask from you. They will let you know whether your cancellation has been processed, and whether or not you can expect a refund on the flight you have cancelled.

Cancel via social media

If you’d like you can begin the process for cancelling your KLM flight via social media, you can contact them either via Facebook or Twitter.

When you write to them on Facebook or Twitter, it’s best not to include any personal information on a public board, so ensure the messages are done privately.