An Easy Guide on How to Cancel KnowHow Cloud

If you are looking to cancel KnowHow Cloud you can find out how to do so via the steps on this page.

Cancel By Phone Call

If you would like to cancel your KnowHow Cloud quickly you can call the KnowHow cancellation team, the only way to cancel your KnowHow Cloud is by calling the team, follow the below steps to cancel your account:

  1. You need to make sure you have your account information in front of you, such as the email address used for your account and any personal information linked to the account that can be used to identify it.
  2. You can call the KnowHow Cloud cancellation team on 0344 561 1234
  3. Inform the team member that you would like to cancel your Cloud and they will ask for your account information.
  4. Once you have given this your account and Cloud will be cancelled.