A Guide on How to Cancel a Lloyds Bank Account in 2019

Lloyds Bank is one of the biggest British banks operating in England and Wales. It is the largest retailing bank in Britain, with millions of customers and a large network of bank branches and ATM points. If you want to cancel a Lloyds Bank account completely, read this guide to learn how to cancel a Lloyds account.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Lloyds Bank on 0345 300 0000 to speak to Lloyds customer services about closing your account. It will ask you to say the reason for your call in your own words. Say “close account” or wait for it to ask you to enter your card or account number. You can type the number and then confirm security details before you connect with a Lloyds adviser. When you do speak to a person at Lloyds Bank, ask about cancelling it.

2) You can discuss your account and transferring the balance to another account. Lloyds will not be able to close your account with money still in it, so you must withdraw or move it before cancelling the account once it is empty. This is true for cancelling both current accounts and savings accounts with Lloyds Bank.

3) They may ask to send you a form in the post so you can cancel in writing, or to attend an appointment at a branch to confirm your signature and account details in person. Usually, the process would require more validation than just cancelling straight away when you request it over the phone. Certain types of accounts may be subject to early closure fees, or there may be restrictions on closing the account due to fixed rates.

Cancel Online

You cannot cancel a current account online. However, you can log into your Internet Banking account here and manage your money. Transfer it to other bank accounts to empty the account that you want to cancel.

However many accounts you have with Lloyd Bank, you can manage them in your online account. Click on “More actions” and then “Account services” on the account that you want to cancel. If it is possible to do this online, there will be a “Close account” option there. If not, then you will need to contact Lloyds to ask them to close the account for you. They remove your account as soon as possible after confirming things.

Cancel by Post

You can write a letter to Lloyds Bank customer services asking them to permanently shut down an account. This will take longer to do because you must wait for them to receive the letter and process your request. It is advisable to pay for a tracked delivery so that you can be sure they get your cancellation notice. You must include your account details in the letter to confirm who you are and which account you are trying close. If you don’t want to tell them why then you don’t need to explain your reasons. You should include a number or e-mail address for them to contact you back and confirm the account closure. Send letters to Lloyds at:

Lloyds Bank Customer Relations
25 Gresham Street