A Complete Guide on How to Cancel a Lost Halifax Card

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0345 720 3040

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Halifax is a British bank named after the Yorkshire town where it began as a building society back in 1853. It became a public limited company in 1997 and is a subsidiary of the Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group. This guide shows customers how to contact Halifax to cancel a lost card in an emergency situation.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Halifax customer services on the number above immediately when you realize that you have lost your Halifax card or someone has stolen it from you. There will be a list of automated options at first.

2) You can press 1 for Halifax bank accounts then state the reason for your call as “report lost card” or “report stolen card,” or simply press 8 for other self-service options then 3 for replacement cards. Or when you first call, press 5 for credit card enquiries. Then either say the reason for your call as above or press 5 for replacement cards. You will have to provide your card number or bank account number then you can proceed. To make the process faster, just hit the star key and zero (*0) and the service requests your card number or account number before passing you through to speak to an adviser at Halifax bank.

3) Explain that your card is lost or stolen and request a replacement card. Halifax will most likely require further identity checks to confirm you are the account and card owner. You can ask to check transactions for recent fraudulent activity as well so that Halifax can try to recover any stolen money.  Halifax should then block your card and arrange for a new one to be sent in the post. You will have to wait several days to receive your new card and PIN details, but your money and Halifax account will be safe in the meantime.

Cancel Online

Many people prefer the convenience of banking through the internet. If you are registered with Halifax for online banking, you can sign into your account with your username and password and complete this form to report your card as lost or stolen. This is one of the most straightforward ways to get the card cancelled.

Click on the “Forgotten your sign-in details?” link and make sure you have your account details and your phone to hand if you need to reset them. You will need to confirm your identity before you can log back in. You can also report your card as lost or stolen by logging into the Halifax mobile app if you have it set up. And if you have a Halifax debit card and the mobile app, you can temporarily block the card yourself while you contact Halifax about the loss or theft. First, select “Card Management” from the main account menu.

Then press “Freeze card transactions” to do this. It will give you three options to freeze or unfreeze types of debit card transaction. You should toggle the button to “On” next to all of them to completely freeze it.

This is the best thing to do if you think you have simply misplaced your card. If you find it again quickly, you can just open the mobile app again and unfreeze the card so that you are free to use it as normal. If the card is definitely lost or stolen, you will still need to report it to Halifax and get a replacement card within 3-5 working days. Contact Halifax if you do not receive your new card or PIN details or your online account or mobile app account do not update with your new banking information after this amount of time passes.

Cancel by Post

When you lose something as important as a credit or debit card, time is of the essence. The post is much too slow to be effective. If someone else finds your card or it was stolen, you can’t waste any time closing off its access to your money. Instead of writing a letter, if you are unable to phone or use online or mobile banking, then you can sort things out quickly by visiting a Halifax branch. You can easily locate the closest branch to you online and check their opening times and direct contact number as well as the bank address.