A Guide on How to Cancel LV Insurance

Liverpool Victoria is an insurance company also known as LV (or LV=). They offer various types of cover policies. These include car, home, travel, pet, and life insurance. If you want to cancel your LV insurance, then read the following guide. The cancellation terms depend on the specific LV insurance policy you have.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel LV insurance by phone, call 01202 292333. It will ask you to press 1 for car insurance or home insurance policies or press 2 for anything else. You can go through to the switchboard if you press 2. If you press 1, you will then have the option to specify car insurance by pressing 1 again or 2 for home insurance. You can then press 1 to make a change to your policy or press 2 if your policy is due for renewal to cancel it.

2) Have your insurance policy number ready to provide when LV requests it. You can request to cancel LV insurance within 14 days of starting a policy or renewal of an existing policy. As long as your cover was for longer than 28 days, you can get a refund of any premiums you already paid. If you cancel after the cooling off period and before the cover term ends, LV will charge you an administration fee for this. It costs £15 to make a modification to an LV insurance policy or £40 to cancel an LV insurance policy during the contract.

3) You will still have to pay for the period of cover that LV provided for you. If you paid upfront then they may issue a refund for the remaining months, minus the cancellation fee. However, if you made a claim, then you cannot cancel without having to pay a lump sum of the remaining premiums for the cover period. The LV adviser will explain the charges and time frames to you when they look over your insurance policy.

Cancel Online

Unfortunately, LV does not offer online account management for its insurance policy holders. However, if you need to review your policy documents before you cancel, then you can do so online. You should be able to find them in your inbox if you chose to get them by e-mail. Otherwise, you should have the paper copy.If you need to request a new copy of your policy documents, then you can do so through the LV website. It will direct you to the live chat for either car insurance or home insurance policies if an adviser is available.

Provide your details as shown in the form above and you can chat with somebody at LV about cancelling your insurance policy. Alternatively, you can try sending an e-mail to feedback@lv.com with your request to cancel. If you are having problems with trying to cancel your LV insurance, then you might want to fill out and submit an online complaints form instead. You can use this form to request a callback or e-mail.

Cancel by Post

If you have the time before a payment due date to post a letter to LV, then you may decide to cancel your policy that way. Of course, you must supply the policy number and type as well as your customer details. These include your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. You can also specify the way that you would like them to contact you to confirm this cancellation, whether it is also by post or with a phone call or e-mail instead. They may not cancel your insurance until you make applicable payments.

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