A Complete Guide on How to Cancel an MBNA Credit Card in 2019

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0345 606 2062

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MBNA is a consumer credit card provider, in partnership with Mastercard or Visa. When you apply for a credit card, MBNA will provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions. You need to read these if you want to cancel your MBNA credit card. You will have to contact them and ask for a copy if you are not sure about the rules for cancelling an MBNA card. Otherwise, follow these steps to cancel an MBNA credit card.

Cancel by Telephone

1) The most effective way to cancel MBNA credit cards is to call MBNA on the phone. Call the number above and press 1 to confirm that you are the cardholder. It will tell you to say why you are calling. You can say “cancel credit card” or wait for the options, then press 4 to speak to someone at MBNA. You will have to enter your credit card number to proceed. They may ask you security questions such as your date of birth.

2) When you get through to an MBNA representative, explain that you want to cancel your credit card. They may try to offer you different services to stay with MBNA. Stay firm and just tell them that you no longer want the card and they need to close your account. They can explain the conditions of cancelling, like what will happen with the interest charges on remaining balances and how long it will take to pay.

3) MBNA will not be able to close your account until the balance is at 0. Make sure that you have paid off everything that you owe. In some cases, your account may be in credit due to overpayment, so make sure that they refund you and close the account instead of using the remaining credit to keep holding it open.

Cancel Online

You should log into Online Card Services to view and manage your MBNA account. Before you notify MBNA that you wish to cancel your credit card with them, you can make things easier for yourself by making sure that your payments are up to date and that you can pay any outstanding balance off quickly, including any interest. You can then contact MBNA to explain that you are closing your account and destroying the card.

To contact MBNA online, you can send an e-mail to enquiries@mail.mbnaoptions.co.uk. They will most likely have to contact you back to verify things before they can enforce the cancellation. Include a phone number so that they can call you directly. Once they close your account, you can still view up to 12 months of online statements. It can take around a month for credit reference agencies to update your credit file to reflect the cancellation. Contact MBNA at any point to complain if there is a problem with the cancellation.

Cancel by Post

You could send a tracked letter to MBNA notifying them of your instructions to cancel your credit card. That way you have served written notice and have a record of them receiving it. The letter itself will most likely not be enough for them to act upon. You should include your personal details like full name, address, and phone number as well as your customer reference numbers. Again, you should make sure that the card is fully paid off before you expect them to close your account. It is best to contact MBNA by more than one method to make sure that the cancellation is going ahead and that you can destroy your MBNA credit card.

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