How to Cancel a Megabus Ticket in 2019

Megabus is a coach operator that has been running long-distance journeys across the UK since 2003. It is part of Stagecoach in the UK and Flixbus in Europe. Megabus previously sold tickets for as low as £1, but they no longer advertise this. A booking fee also applies, and Megabus tickets are non-refundable. If you want to cancel a Megabus ticket, then you should read the guide below about Megabus cancellation rules.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To discuss your Megabus booking, call 0141 352 4444 and press 2 to connect to customer services. You will need to know the reference number from your booking confirmation and the details of your journey. Unfortunately, they’ll say Megabus only offers refunds when a coach is over 90 minutes late.

2) They will tell you that they are unable to cancel your booking and give you a refund. Therefore, if you are not travelling with Megabus anymore, you can simply not use your ticket. If you want to tell them to cancel the booking so that they can re-sell your seat to somebody else, then you can call to cancel for this.

3) Otherwise, if you will still be travelling on a Megabus service, you can ask to amend your booking. They can change your booking up to 24 hours before the departure time. You’ll have to pay an amendment fee of £4.50, plus the difference if your new ticket is a higher price. If it costs less, sadly they will not refund you.

Cancel Online

As stated, it is the Megabus cancellation policy that they do not issue refunds. In some cases, it might be cheaper for you to simply book another journey. If you would prefer to amend your booking yourself, for a lower fee of £2.50, then you can do so online. The same rules will apply: you have until 24 hours before the journey departure time to amend the booking, and you must pay to cover any difference in the ticket price.

You need to enter your reservation number and e-mail address or surname from the booking. You can then select the “Trade-In” option to swap your booking. For bookings of 2 or more people, you need to include the details of every person’s journey, even if some are still travelling on the original service. Otherwise, it will cancel the original booking for everyone when you update it. If you have a problem with a booking or you want to complain about not receiving a refund from Megabus, then you can contact them online. Send an e-mail to or complain on Facebook or Twitter until somebody replies to you.

Cancel by Post

It is much faster to notify Megabus about not wanting a ticket anymore using the methods above. These are also faster ways to make amendments if you need to change to another journey. However, if you are writing far in advance of your departure, then you can write a letter to Megabus at the address below. If you are trying to amend a booking and there is a price difference, they may not accept this as they will need to take payment for it by card. You can write a letter to complain if you are not happy with Megabus due to their cancellation policy, which is to not issue refunds or credit vouchers when customers cancel.

Customer Services
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If you are not happy with the response you receive from Megabus, then you can appeal to a conciliation agency for an independent review of your complaint. The contact details will be different depending on which UK country you are living in. Click here if you live in England, here for Wales, or here for Scotland.