A Guide on How to Cancel More Than Home Insurance in 2019

More Than is an insurance provider and a subsidiary of the RSA Insurance Group. It offers insurance cover for home, vehicles, travel, life, and pets. There are also policies for landlords or business. Home insurance includes buildings and contents cover with emergency assistance. If you want to cancel More Than home insurance, then read the guide below. It will tell you what you need to do to cancel your More Than policy.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Contact More Than by calling 0330 102 3630 if you want to cancel home insurance over the phone. This will connect you to the RSA Group helpline. Press 1 for personal insurance and then press 1 again for home insurance. Have your policy number ready, because the next number to press will depend on the beginning of your policy number. Select a number at random if you just want to get through to talk to a person there.

2) You must be the policyholder and know the details of your policy in order to amend or cancel it. To this end, you will need to provide your details so that they can locate and confirm your policy. If you are calling to cancel within 14 days of receiving your documentation, then More Than will refund your premiums. If you have made a claim already during that time then this will not apply and you will not get a refund for it.

3) If you are cancelling after 14 days, then More Than will only refund payments that you already made for the rest of the period of cover. For example, if you have paid for annual cover and then cancel in the middle of the year, they will refund the rest of the year’s premiums. Again, this will only apply if you did not make a claim during your period of cover. You can also cancel by rejecting their renewal offer, which they should send to you around a month before your 12-month contract expires. If you call to cancel after the cooling-off period but before renewal, More Than could charge you a cancellation fee of up to £50 in admin costs.

Cancel Online

There is currently no option for cancelling More Than home insurance online. You cannot cancel the policy by logging into your account on the website. However, you can log in to view your policy documents. These will explain the terms and conditions for cancellation, so if you read them then you’ll know what to expect.

How to Cancel More Than Home Insurance

If you want to discuss cancelling your home insurance, then you can still contact More Than online. You can submit a contact form through the website or try sending a direct e-mail. The e-mail addresses for general queries are enquiries@morethan.com or crt.halifax@uk.rsagroup.com. The customer relations team should reply to e-mails within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. Include your phone number as well if you want More Than to call you back. They may require verbal confirmation from you in order to cancel.

Cancel by Post

All of the conditions previously mentioned will also apply if you cancel your More Than home insurance by post. You should include all of the relevant details of your policy and send the letter using a tracked postal service. That way you will know the date that they receive your notice. You should include a contact phone number in case they request verbal confirmation from the policyholder before they agree to cancel a home insurance policy. Whenever you write to More Than, you can use the address below. However, you should specify that your letter is for the Home Insurance department to make sure it takes less time to process it.

MORE TH>N Customer Relations Team
PO Box 255
NR18 8DP