A Travellers Guide on How to Cancel National Express Tickets

National Express is a coach and airport transfer transport provider in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1972. If you have purchased a National Express ticket but you can no longer make the journey or you no longer want to travel you can find out how to cancel your National Express tickets with the handy guide below.

Call National Express to Cancel Tickets

The easiest way to cancel your National Express tickets is to speak to a member of the National Express cancellation line which can be contacted on 0871 781 8181. Once you have called the number you need to inform the National Express team member that you wish to cancel your tickets. You will need to provide some account, personal and ticket information that will allow your tickets to be cancelled. There is a blanket £5 cancellation fee for each ticket you need to cancel. You can only cancel a ticket for a full refund if you if you have bought a Fully Flexible fare or a standard fare with the Fully Flexible fare add on. Make sure you have your ticket number when called to avoid waiting to cancel your ticket.

Cancel National Express Ticket Online

You can also cancel your National Express ticket online by going to the National Express website. You then need to go to the ‘Manage A Booking’ section of the website, which you can find on the menu which runs along the top of the screen. You will then need to enter your ticket number to identify what tickets you wish to amend or cancel. There is a £5 cancellation charge per ticket you’re cancelling. You can only cancel Fully Flexible fares or standard fares with the Fully Flexible add on. Once you have entered in your ticket number you will be able to cancel or amend you tickets.