A Guide on How to Cancel a Nationwide Card in 2019

Nationwide Building Society offers lots of financial services to customers in the UK. If you have a current account with Nationwide, you might have a debit card or a credit card. But if you decide to cancel the card, then you can follow the steps shown below. This guide will show you how to cancel your Nationwide card.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Nationwide on 0800 302011 to cancel a Nationwide card over the phone. There will be a list of automated options which you must select from to proceed with the call. Press 1 if you want to cancel it because the card is lost or stolen. Press 2 to discuss your existing card if you simply want to cancel this.

2) You will have to enter the 16-digit number from the front of your Nationwide card to continue. Once confirmed, you can speak with a Nationwide agent about your account. Tell them that you wish to cancel your card. If it is a credit card, there will be more complicated terms and conditions affecting your rights regarding cancellation. The adviser will discuss the options for you, including payment of any fees and outstanding balances. If you only have a debit card, then cancelling it should be easier. However, you will need to transfer the money from your account to another if you will no longer have a card to access it with.

3) If you are getting rid of your Nationwide cards, you might also want to close your Nationwide account. The agent will discuss what will happen if you close your account, and what might stop you from doing so successfully. You might be setting up an account with another bank and switching your current account to them. If you are simply replacing a missing Nationwide card, then they will sort this out for you. However, unless you close your entire account, you’ll still receive correspondence from Nationwide after cancelling.

Cancel Online

Nationwide internet banking is very secure. If you are registered for this feature, then you can go to the Nationwide Internet Bank website to log in. You will need your unique 10-digit customer number, and either your card reader or memorable data which you had set up previously. Then click the log in button.

In the Internet Bank, select “View Accounts” then click on the account with the card that you are closing. On the left, click on “Other account services” and then “Close account.” There will be instructions on the screen to follow further. If you close your account with money still in it, then Nationwide will send you a cheque in the post for this balance. Nationwide will not close your card or account if you are overdrawn or have charges to pay. If you have a credit card, you can amend the limit in your online account rather than cancelling it completely if that is the problem. Or you can call Nationwide to discuss swapping to another type of card or account that is better for your needs. There are lots of options besides leaving Nationwide.

Cancel by Post

You can contact the Nationwide administration centre by post if you want them to close an account or cancel a card for you. Include the details of the card and account so that they can identify it and confirm that you are the holder. However, do not include sensitive security information such as your PIN or your memorable data for the Internet Bank. You can post letters to Nationwide at the address further down the page. If you do not want to wait longer for a response by post, then visit your closest Nationwide branch to cancel your card or close your whole account in person. You will need to bring the card and some proof of identity to do this. Remember that Nationwide may ask you to destroy your card once you’ve cancelled it.

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