A Guide on How to Cancel Npower in 2019

Npower is one of the Big 6 energy suppliers in the UK, with one of the biggest shares of the energy market. However, customers are not always happy with Npower. If you want to switch to another supplier instead, then follow these steps. These are the ways that you can cancel Npower if you want to close your account.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Npower on 0800 073 3000 to discuss ending your contract and closing your account. You can enter your account number or enter the phone number linked to your Npower account. Or you can wait for the numbered options. Then you can press 1 if you pay by monthly direct debit or 2 if you pay when you get a bill. Or you can press 3 if you have a pre-payment meter, or 4 if you have a weekly payment plan instead.

2) At the next stage, you need to select the most appropriate reason for your cancellation. Press 1 if you are moving home, or press 2 if you are switching to a different energy supplier. You can press 3 for bills, direct debits, payments, and refunds. If you are switching suppliers, then usually you do not need to contact your current supplier. The new supplier should sort it out for you. However, if you are cancelling mid-contract, then you might want to discuss the conditions with Npower. You might have to pay a cancellation charge.

3) You can cancel within 14 days of joining Npower or renewing a contract without having to pay extra fees. However, if you cancel mid-contract, you will be subject to a cancellation fee. This is normally £30 per fuel. If you have a debt on your Npower account, then you will also need to discuss transferring it to your new supplier so that you can repay them instead. Or if your account is in credit, then get a refund. Npower will probably offer you a new deal or discount to try to get you to stay, so be firm about leaving.

Cancel Online

Log into your account on the Npower website to view your bills and check the cancellation terms for the tariff that you are on. You should do this before contacting Npower to cancel as you need to be aware of notice periods and early exit fees which could impact your final bill and the payments you need to make

To contact Npower online about cancelling, you can send them a message through your account. However, they can take up to 10 days to respond to such enquiries. If you want to cancel faster, then use the live chat.

If an Npower adviser is available, then you can discuss your account with them. You can explain that you are cancelling your Npower contract. You only need to do this if you have concerns about debt or early exit fees. As mentioned, when you switch suppliers, the new supplier should contact your old supplier for you. You need to have a new supplier in place before you contact Npower about cancelling your account anyway.

Cancel by Post

If you are cancelling within 14 days and want to do so in writing, then you can download and fill out this cancellation form and then post it to the address on the form. Otherwise, you can still write to Npower to cancel your account, but send it to their general customer services PO Box address. This also means that it will take longer for you to get a response from them about your account, so only write to them this way if you are fine with that. You may want to contact them more directly if you need to pay extra fees or clear the debt on your account before you leave Npower. You should check with them before you post a cheque.

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