A Guide on How to Cancel O2 Insurance in 2019

When you are an O2 mobile phone customer, you can pay for an insurance policy to protect your phone. This helps you with repairs and replacements if your phone is broken or stolen. However, you might not find the price to be worth it. O2 Insurance is an add-on and not part of your actual O2 contract, so you do not have to worry about cancellation fees. To cancel O2 insurance for your mobile, follow the steps below.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call O2 customer services on 03448090202. You can press 1 if you have a Pay Monthly account or press 2 if you have a Pay As You Go account. Then press 1 if you know the O2 number you are calling about, or 2 if you don’t. You will have to either enter your O2 number or press 6 for “anything else” to continue calling.

2) When you get through to a person in O2 customer services, explain that you do not want to cancel your O2 contract, but you want to cancel the add-on O2 Insurance policy. Make sure that you have your policy information to hand, including billing dates. If you are cancelling within 14 days, then you can get a refund as long as you have not made a claim. After 14 days, you must give 30 days’ notice to cancel O2 Insurance.

3) If you choose to cancel at any time after the initial cancellation period, O2 will charge you for the period of cover you receive. After 30 days from you providing notice of cancellation, O2 will terminate your policy and you will no longer be able to access the benefits of it. Contact O2 customer services again if O2 does not award you the appropriate refund, charges you incorrectly on the final O2 Insurance bill, or fails to cancel.

Cancel Online

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your O2 Insurance simply by logging into your My O2 account on the O2 website. However, you can visit the O2 website to read through the cancellation policy for your insurance.

Make sure to check the correct type and date of insurance policy. You can then contact O2 online by e-mail at O2customersupport.uk@brightstar.com. In your e-mail, specify your O2 mobile phone number and any other customer or policy numbers that are relevant to your O2 Insurance. Explain that you wish to cancel the insurance effective from the date that they receive your notice. Please note that this may not be until several days after you send the e-mail, and O2 will count the 30 days from the date they read the e-mail.

Cancel by Post

If you want to cancel O2 Insurance by post, then you have the option of writing a letter. You can send it in the mail to the O2 Insurance customer services department at the address below. However, you must pay for the secure tracked postage costs yourself, and also bear in mind the extra time that it will take. They may need to contact you to confirm the cancellation before acting upon it, so include your contact details along with the other information about your O2 account and O2 Insurance policy as with the e-mail above.

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