A Guide on How to Cancel Your O2 Contract in 2019

Are you disappointed with your O2 coverage, package deal, or rising prices? If you think it’s time to go, then follow the steps in this guide to cancel your O2 contract and see if you save yourself some money.

Cancel by Telephone

1. To start your cancellation process, contact O2 customer services by calling 0344 809 0202. Select the corresponding number which matches your contract type to proceed with the call. Press 1 to choose Pay Monthly or 2 for Pay As You Go. You will then go through to the right department to discuss your contract.

2. O2 operates a 14-day change-of-mind policy, which means that you can return any products or cancel contracts within 14 days of receiving your SIM or device. You can either get an exchange or a refund and not be charged for cancelling. However, when you are partway through a contract term, you must give 30 days notice if you want to cancel. As well as this, O2 can charge you a cancellation fee for leaving it early.

3. If you are not dedicated to leaving just yet, O2 might be able to persuade you to stay with a better offer. You should shop around for lower tariffs to see if O2 will match them. If not, you should select your new provider before you contact O2 to cancel. You need to request a PAC code if you want to transfer the same phone number to your new phone or SIM, and using this code will immediately terminate your O2 service.

4. Make sure that your O2 account is all wrapped up. Pay any outstanding bills, including cancellation fees and any final charges for line rental and remaining months on your contract. This one-off final payment might be much bigger than your usual bill, so be sure that you are able to pay it when you cancel. Then you can confirm with the O2 adviser that your contract is ending and you are not liable to O2 for anything else.

Cancel Online

If, ironically, you would rather cancel your O2 contract without picking up the phone, then you can do this online. Visit the O2 website at o2.co.uk and browse the My O2 section. Click on the drop-down menu so you can sign into your My O2 account. If you haven’t set one up yet, you can register your details to create one.

This will take you to the My O2 sign in page. Enter the e-mail address you used to create your account and your password. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view your bills and check contract information.

It is important to check when your contract ends if you are hoping to avoid paying extra cancellation fees. O2 contracts are usually for 1, 12, 18, or 24 months. You could end up paying a lot to cover the remainder of your contract if you cancel early. If it is around 30 days until your contract ends anyway, you can notify O2 that you won’t be renewing. Otherwise, you need to discuss your cancellation charges with them. You can do this by speaking to an O2 adviser over Live Chat. By the end of the chat, everything should be¬†ironed out.

Cancel by Post

If you don’t need to keep your current number and aren’t requesting a PAC code, you can simply cancel your account outright. You can submit your 30 days’ notice by post if you would rather write a letter. This is obviously a slower option, but you can include your e-mail address and phone number as methods for them to contact you back to speed up the reply. O2 will need to get in touch with you regarding charges to settle your account before you leave. You can ask them in your letter to confirm the termination in writing if you would like confirmation. Refuse any retention offers in advance if you want to make things quicker. You will have to pay to send the cancellation letter by recorded delivery, to confirm the date they receive it.

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